The Arcane and You: A Mage Guide to Superiority
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The Arcane and You: A Mage Guide to Superiority

***Author's Note: There is still much mystery surrounding the AoC Mage class and all other classes. As such, the following article talks about what little is known and speculation on what could be. Expect changes as development continues and more solidified content.***

Table of Contents
Introduction: Why Mages?
Wait What is a Mage Again?
Mage Spell Categories
Current Mage Spells
Mage Archetypes

Introduction: Why Mages?

When I first started playing MMORPGs over 12 years ago an image seared into my memory that I have never forgotten. It was a cinematic opening for a new game and within the trailer there sat a figure upon high. A fearsome spectacle, the powerful mage stood on the ramparts of a tall tower, collected the power of magic into his hands and hurled...
October store update!
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Glorious Ashlings!

The october cosmetic skins are now live in the store!
  • If you are a Kickstarter or Summer backer you can purchase each of these items as add-ons!
  • If you have a previous months Pre-Order pack you can purchase the items from the same pack tier as add-ons!
  • Remember these cosmetics are skins and will apply over an in-game item! No P2W!
You can take a closer look at the cosmetic skins from the media gallery!

Wayfarer Pre-Order Pack - 75 USD ...
Ashes of Creation Apocalypse announced! 31/10 full stream recap
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Main headlines
  • First Alpha 1 Phase 2 gameplay shown. Phase 2 is planned to start in March-April 2019.
    • Phase 2 will be the traditional MMO experience, with progression, node system, open world etc. More info on what is included in this phase, can be found here.
  • Alpha 1 Phase 1 is renamed Ashes of Creation Apocalypse. Will feature the battle royale, castle siege, and horde mode. Will be a free to play side-arena, playable by everyone.
  • October cosmetics showcased.
  • New website coming soonTM...
Caravans and why they are critical
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Hello there, Ziltch here and today I will be talking about Caravans.
A system which I think is being underestimated a bit in some regards.

First the basics!
Caravans are a means of transporting materials around in the world, as there will be almost no fast travel, combined with the limitations of your own inventory (and mules), caravans will be the only eligible method of mass transportation of resources.

And you need mass transport of resources, why? Because you cannot feed a market that is far away easily by transporting small amounts. So there is a lot to earn if you are willing to take the risk.
I will talk about the importance of Caravans at the end.

When you initiate a Caravan, you get...
Why Ashes of Creation Will be the Next Big MMO
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MMOs or Massive Multiplayer Online games have been around for decades now and originally centered on player experience and community creation, but in a continuous effort for profitability or play time numbers the game models have changed in unfavorable ways that are ultimately driving players away from the genre. Many of you out there have been plodding through game after game, trying to get that lost feeling back. The sense of adventure and wonder you feel when stepping into a fresh MMO. The story, new scenery, friendships, and enemies, but unfortunately the thrills in recent years have been far and few between. The MMO market has slowly lost steam, with games even like leader World of Warcraft losing continuous subs as time marches forward. People ask, is this because the MMO genre is dead? Has it lost its relevance in the era of quick paced games such as battle royals? Far from...
Haunted Halloween Event - October 2018
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Winners of each criteria will receive:
  • 500$ Intrepid pack (With halloween themed cosmetics)

About the event:
Ashes of Creation's yearly Hallows Eve celebration is back! This time around featuring 4 competitions instead of 3 with a far more interesting prize! Whether you're amazing at cosplay, a legend at making memes, an outstanding artist or a tantalising author, there's room for you to share your creation! The event comprises of 4 criteria that you can enter and turn your submissions in for a chance to win a 500$ Intrepid pack which is no longer sold in the AoC store. So if you missed out on it or would like that sweet name reservation, this is your chance to prove your worth and enter the competition!
  • ...
Steven answering questions while playing with Krojak [text breakdown]
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Steven Sharif joined Krojak for some fun squad play, while also taking the time to answer some questions!

Time to find some tasty items..

I had a blast playing, but playing squad play when solo is a challenge, due to no voice communication option. But aside from that, it's awesome!
Steven: We tried to implement the voice chat, but that there were some slight issues, which will be fixed tomorrow (October 23rd), I think.

Krojak: What are your plans regarding server status and server up-time this week?
Steven: We have a lot of things we need to fix Monday-Wednesday, and then we hope on Thursday (for the Thursday to Sunday session) to have those fixes implemented.

Welcome to Verra! …It’s Time to Break the World
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Glorious Greetings Ashes Community! Since this is my first article on the AoC Dungeon I borrowed Steven’s salutations for the first and last time. For those that are not aware (probably most of you), the Ashes of Creation Wiki site is collaborating with the AoC Dungeon to bring the community expanded content that we don’t feel would be appropriate for the wiki. The wiki is fully sourced, and not based on opinion, speculation, or off hand unofficial comments. That said, sometimes you just want to tell people what you think, whether that be to discuss, demerit, or celebrate a topic. Therefore, we felt like the AoC Dungeon was a great place to host all our various ramblings. Our newly added guest editor team consists of BraneGames, Chaoser, Deus, Tiberius, Ziltch, and everyone’s favorite vampire hunter. I hope you find our content...
A look at Crafting in Ashes of Creation
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Hello there, Ziltch here and today I will be talking about crafting/artisanship, but first, let’s go over the basics.
(Every Profession’s link either redirects to the Wiki, or redirects to Intrepid Video)

In Ashes of Creation, Artisans are divided into three different categories.

Gathering is the Professions that involve gathering of resources.
Known Gathering Professions:
Ashes of Creation enters Alpha 1 Phase 1 - NDA lifted!
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Rejoice dear ashlings, Ashes of Creation has now officially entered Alpha 1 Phase 1, and with that the NDA has been completely lifted. This also means that all Alpha 1 backers have been invited to test the battle royale combat mode (~ 10 000). In addition, all Alpha 2 backers have been invited for this weekend test as well. In the coming weeks they will also be inviting beta backers, all Alpha 0 backers, and eventually all registered users on the Ashes of Creation website.

Steven Sharif said:
We are happy to announce the testing is going very well and we are collecting a lot of useful data. Everyone at Intrepid cannot thank our Glorious community enough for their help in making mmos great... once more."
Everyone who is eligible should have received their mail yesterday/today with access code and download link.

You should also go ahead and check out our stream section...

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