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March 29th Stream Recap - Nodes Information!
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Stream Highlights:
  • Game Developer's Conference 2019 went well for Intrepid.
  • Intrepid have hired 18 new personnel in 2019 and are looking to hire 17 more.
  • More information on Node types and Governments in upcoming blogs.
  • First part of Developer Diaries - Nodes released.
  • Community contests are being planned.

Nodes Developer Diary:
The stream opens with the showcase of the nodes developer diary - The community's first look behind the scenes into the technology that goes into building the nodes for the world of Ashes of Creation. The developer diaries are a series of pre-recorded video blogs that are being created by Margaret to give the community insight into how things work behind the scenes at Intrepid studios. This first developer diary covers the intricate ways in which the node technology built by intrepid is used to procedurally populate a node with the various assets required to make a node...
Tech video about nodes in Alpha 1 coming next week! [Steven Discord info from 23/3]
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Steven: More node content comes next week. There is a video showcasing the tech behind the nodes for A1, it’s all footage from the MMO game world. It’s tech, in the game editor on the A1 map that shows off how the node tech works to be precise.

Steven: There will also be a new dev blog.

Steven: As a player, I rarely ever experienced the ability to interact and communicate regularly with the developers of a game that I wanted to play. It’s definitely more common now with indie projects, and I personally think that’s pretty cool. I think in order to keep that type of interaction open, we have to be cognizant of the fact that this project is 10-12 hours a day of the developers life. Everyday and into the weekends. Real people spending years to create something that will make a community have years of enjoyment. Criticism and feedback is the purpose of this type of open development, but just keep it in perspective that these are real people, devoting their life to...
March 8th Stream Recap - New castle siege footage!
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Main Highlights:
  • New castle siege footage released.
  • Alpha 1 pushed back, it is no longer planned for Q2. No new date given at this time.
  • They are no longer expecting the game to be released before 2020.
  • All previously announced dates (Q2 for Alpha 1, Q3 for Alpha 2, release before 2020 etc) have been erased.
  • Vastly improved communication and development/content updates. Monthly streams, detailed articles focusing on game systems (such as nodes), dev-diaries, competitions etc.
    • For March the topic is nodes, so expect a lot of interesting details about the node system!
  • Lots of interesting questions, especially regarding how guild halls will function in the game.
New Castle Sieges Footage:

  • Various siege weapons displayed. Destruction of walls.
  • Shows the relic of the castle, they key objective.
  • Also showcases a objective torch. Changes color depending on who...
Steven clears up Community Concerns in QnA
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Q: The QA opens with less of a question and more of a rant/blame by the players asking why did Intrepid make a battle royale(BR) instead of Alpha 1. Fun vulgar language was thrown around. Millennials wanting attention etc
A: The BR mode was created to test background infrastructure and basic mechanics already present in the Alpha 0. BR is the most suitable game mode for this type of testing with the amount of players desired. The side time to get the game mode operational was minimal considering graphics, animations, world design are all going into the final MMO. Only weapons and abilities were made tailored for the battle royale.

Q: Why was the Alpha 0 battlegrounds not used in place of battle royale?
A: The battlegrounds/A0 were under a different architecture than the battle royale and mmo, requiring the same if not more effort to transition into. Also the BR has a larger capacity compared to the 3v3 5v5.

Q: What percentage of the game is complete?
A: No percentage Steven is comfortable sharing. But almost all key systems are in place.

Q: Is the hybrid combat system...
Creative Director's letter released - Weekly updates promised, content roadmap coming, and Alpha 1 delayed
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Glorious Ashlings!

The long awaited Creative Director's letter was released today, which gave us some important development updates on Ashes of Creation.

The most important parts of the letter (new information) was:
  • Community and Intrepid
    • Margaret and Sarah will provide a Content Roadmap, which will highlight the project's development and what goes on behind the scenes:
      • New art pieces, articles, and a video each month. March 2019 will be nodes focused.
      • New video series called Dev Diaries. This series will let you get to know the team of developers, and go over the development of the game, covering a variety of systems - Nodes, Housing, Level Design, World Design, Wall Destruction, Concept Art, Modeling, Animation, and much more.
      • As art is finalized for concepts, NPCs, mounts, armors, environments, and more, those assets will be shared along with details about them - whether that’s lore or information regarding the systems they’ll interact with.
      • More in-depth articles that go into further details regarding the classes...
Steven shares information about summoner pets, world wonders, development process etc!
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Steven once more shared some information and leaks with us on Discord recently!

Magisto: Any info on pax East in Boston, any meetups or community events you guys might want to participate in?
Steven: I decided this week that it is best for the studio not to attend the PAX East event and instead stay focused on development. Because we do not have a marketing team that manages the booth, it takes live developers out of the office for that week, and can include another week of downtime recovering.

Regarding negativity on Discord/Reddit towards certain decisions done in the APOC/AoC development process:
Steven: To be honest, sometimes when I see a discussion on discord or reddit with certain assumptions, I hate having to bite my tongue. Lol. If I picked every uninformed opinion to jump on, I’d be fighting a losing battle. However, there are informed feedback and I enjoy relying on certain content creators to funnel the discussion in an organized manner.

Kaisustrin: Will there be wonders of the...
Creative Director's letter will be released on March 7 and State of the Game Live Stream on March 8
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Intrepid just announced that the long-awaited Creative Director's Letter from Steven Sharif, will be released on Thursday March 7th. This letter will cover Intrepid Studios new hires, the state of the game, and what is planned for the future along with details on the content release plan.

Things that are reasonable to come up here, are:
  • Progress of the problems that the team has faced in the recent months. What has been done?
  • Official forum up soon?
  • New APOC castle siege release date. (Has been delayed since its planned "end of Dec. 2018" release.)
  • New (?) APOC horde release date. (Planned "end of March 2019" release.) Will they be able to hold this, when siege isn't even out?
  • Any changes in Alpha 1 release date? (Still on schedule for Q2?)
Then on Friday March 8th at 20.00 CET (11.00 PT) there will be a "State of the Game Live Stream". Here you have a chance to ask Intrepid questions about the recently released Creative Director's letter.

As a nice bonus, they released a few pictures of the mana forged armor sets. Mana-forged...
Ashes of Creation: Apocalypse development clarification
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Steven shared some development insight on Discord today, explaining the reasoning behind creating the Apocalypse side-project and the choice of battle royale game mode.

I think this statement sums it up pretty well:

"It only had to do with three things (Regarding APOC): Testing the systems we wanted to test, spending as little time as possible creating something to achieve the previous point, and getting it done in a timeline that allowed us to fix/change what needed to be changed before alpha/beta of the MMORPG."

And here is the rest of his message, where he explains more in detail:

"So, to recap the reasoning we developed APOC (or originally what we intended Alpha One Phase 1 to be), was to address concerns about combat, and specifically how we would integrate action combat into a hybrid combat system for Ashes. When we planned how to best accommodate this intent, we desired massive design date from skill usage, reticle accuracy, camera POV, high frequency player populations etc (long list)...
Steven answers more questions on Discord - Guild taxes, dragon flying mount drops and more!
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In the last few days Steven has been kind enough to answer quite a few questions from the community!


Having made that official, do you still hold true to the "Before 2020?"
Steven: As I said, I’m waiting on a few answers.

Ruby: Who gets the taxes from guild castles, the castle or the guild?
Steven: Both

Ruby: So the guild can freely use this for whatever they want?
Steven: Some of the funds yes

Dygz: And, when the Castle changes hands some taxes stay with the Castle and some taxes stay with the guild?
Steven: Correct

MagicMan LA of Dphantom: That mage levitation ability was so cool..would it be possible to have a similar mobility ability for mage in the MMO?
Steven: That was a bit OP, it may not show up in the MMO, we shall see

Galecto: Are the shop costumes modular or one piece?
February store update!
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Glorious Ashlings!

The January cosmetic skins are now live in the store!
  • If you are a Kickstarter or Summer backer you can purchase each of these items as add-ons!
  • If you have a previous months Pre-Order pack you can purchase the items from the same pack tier as add-ons!
  • Remember these cosmetics are skins and will apply over an in-game item! No P2W!
You can take a closer look at the cosmetic skins from the media gallery! -->

Wayfarer Pre-Order Pack - 75 USD

  • Access to Beta 2
  • 2 months of game time ($30 Value)
  • $25 in Embers (in-game marketplace credits, NO P2W!)
  • Mantle of the Silver Temple NEW
Expeditionary Pre-Order Pack - 150 USD

  • ...

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