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Steven clears up Community Concerns in QnA
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Q: The QA opens with less of a question and more of a rant/blame by the players asking why did Intrepid make a battle royale(BR) instead of Alpha 1. Fun vulgar language was thrown around. Millennials wanting attention etc
A: The BR mode was created to test background infrastructure and basic mechanics already present in the Alpha 0. BR is the most suitable game mode for this type of testing with the amount of players desired. The side time to get the game mode operational was minimal considering graphics, animations, world design are all going into the final MMO. Only weapons and abilities were made tailored for the battle royale.

Q: Why was the Alpha 0 battlegrounds not used in place of battle royale?
A: The battlegrounds/A0 were under a different architecture than the battle royale and mmo, requiring the same if not more effort to transition into. Also the BR has a larger capacity compared to the 3v3 5v5.

Q: What percentage of the game is complete?
A: No percentage Steven is comfortable sharing. But almost all key systems are in place.

Q: Is the hybrid combat system...
Dillia's Diary - A look through Dünheim dungeon
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Today Intrepid released a new blog post, providing some very interesting backstory behind the Dünheim dungeon, which we say briefly during the latest live-stream. We also got another video, for a more detailed look at this fine dungeon! Take a look at the video at the end of the article. Some really impressive visuals and backstory.

The diary explains the POV from a child, talking about the Harbingers threat growing day by day, while visitors to the mountain became less frequent. Her mother wanted to leave the city, but her father was insisting on staying due to his pride and his auction house.
The High Priests and Oracles of all the major temples across the kingdom were summoned to the great Capital City, Dünthol. Days before the Great Council meeting was set to begin, the king was stricken with a mysterious illness. What was meant to be a meeting of the Great Council, became a coronation ceremony. At the pronouncement of his death, his eldest daughter Vilga became the Queen of the Kingdom. My mother returned a...
Dev Journal: City Hall
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Another developer journal has been published, and this time Steven is focusing on the most important building in the node: City Hall. Players are able to make choices about which buildings within the walls of the Node get built. Leaders of a Node will decide which buildings they want to build, expand (level up), or eventually demolish. Are you in an economic Node where most of your citizens are only interested in gold? Then perhaps try expanding the marketplace by allowing more kiosks, or instead use those resources to build an auction house. These are decisions that change not just the literal landscape of the Node but the political landscape as well.

By giving options to the players, personalities will eventually become more apparent and unless leaders play the political game well, that well-oiled bureaucratic machine may begin to break down.

The full developer journal
The rustling and bustling of the city envelops you. From your home in the lower end of town, a grizzled and gray Vaelune sells trinkets made of something that at least looks like gold. A...
Dev Journal: Group Dynamics
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This is an important topic for any MMORPG player. How will parties be handled? Dungeons? Loot rules? This will of course be tweaked before the game is finished in development, but this is what Steven could share to us about the current status of the AoC group dynamics:

The full developer journal
Grouping in an MMO is as important as any other feature in the game. Yet, so often it seems like an afterthought – a checkbox to tick to say that players can play together. But what’s the point if there’s no content that begs for players to band up and journey forth? In Ashes of Creation, grouping is an essential part of the game. Solo play is encouraged and totally viable as well, but we believe that an MMORPG is at its best when it’s fostering communities to form. And that can’t happen if no one ever plays together. Today, we wanted to talk about the Group Dynamics of Ashes of Creation – consider this your Grouping 101 class for the Greatest MMO.

Note: Ashes of Creation is still very much in-development. Our ideas drawn out here could easily change down the road through...

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