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Ashes of Creation: Apocalypse development clarification
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Steven shared some development insight on Discord today, explaining the reasoning behind creating the Apocalypse side-project and the choice of battle royale game mode.

I think this statement sums it up pretty well:

"It only had to do with three things (Regarding APOC): Testing the systems we wanted to test, spending as little time as possible creating something to achieve the previous point, and getting it done in a timeline that allowed us to fix/change what needed to be changed before alpha/beta of the MMORPG."

And here is the rest of his message, where he explains more in detail:

"So, to recap the reasoning we developed APOC (or originally what we intended Alpha One Phase 1 to be), was to address concerns about combat, and specifically how we would integrate action combat into a hybrid combat system for Ashes. When we planned how to best accommodate this intent, we desired massive design date from skill usage, reticle accuracy, camera POV, high frequency player populations etc (long list)...
Steven answers more questions on Discord - Guild taxes, dragon flying mount drops and more!
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In the last few days Steven has been kind enough to answer quite a few questions from the community!


Having made that official, do you still hold true to the "Before 2020?"
Steven: As I said, I’m waiting on a few answers.

Ruby: Who gets the taxes from guild castles, the castle or the guild?
Steven: Both

Ruby: So the guild can freely use this for whatever they want?
Steven: Some of the funds yes

Dygz: And, when the Castle changes hands some taxes stay with the Castle and some taxes stay with the guild?
Steven: Correct

MagicMan LA of Dphantom: That mage levitation ability was so cool..would it be possible to have a similar mobility ability for mage in the MMO?
Steven: That was a bit OP, it may not show up in the MMO, we shall see

Galecto: Are the shop costumes modular or one piece?
New Senior Community Manager for AoC announced + APOC Open Beta weekend
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New Senior Community Manager for AoC

Welcome to the new senior community manager for Ashes of Creation, Sarah Flanagan! She will be the main communication from Intrepid to the community (on a day-to-day basis). You can check out her AMA on Reddit for more info and wish her welcome to the Intrepid team!

Click here for a link to the Reddit thread.

Open Beta weekend for APOC

The second beta test for APOC is coming up on January 24 - January 27. It starts at 18.00 UTC (10.00 PT) on the 24th, and ends at 06.00 UTC (22.00 PT) on the 27th (Nighttime on the 28th for UTC).

The primary focus for this test will be:
  • Network issues during matches
  • Performance of the server
  • VOIP service stability
  • Bug fixes...
Open beta weekend for Ashes of Creation Apocalypse and Intrepid live-stream details!
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This weekend, the Ashes of Creation Apocalypse mode, will be open for all registered users to download and play!
The test will go live Friday, January 11 at 17.00 UTC (09.00 PT) and will last until Sunday, January 13 at 06.00 UTC (22.00 PT).

Download the latest launcher now

Apocalypse is a free-to-play, stand-alone action combat mode where players can compete in various arena modes. Currently, it is limited to battle royale (battlegrounds), but will later include castle sieges and horde mode. For more info on the release schedule, click here. All the data gathered is used to improve and further develop the MMORPG side of Ashes of Creation.

The main focus of the test this weekend, will be gathering data on the following:
  • Login registration flow
  • Download flow
  • Connection to matches...
Official AoC website has been updated - A quick look at the Intrepid and mycom AoC websites
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Intrepid recently updated their official website, featuring a new shop, account functionality, download options for APOC and more.
Their old website was sorely lacking in both functionality and aesthetics, being a combination of several "themes" as they had updated the website a little by little. A good website is always vital for a game, as it will be the first look for many new players wanting to know more about the game.

As so, this was a good day to take a look at the brand new, Ashes of Creation website! Also, for comparison, we took a look at the AoC website, which will be the "official" website for European players.

Ashes of Creation Intrepid website


Front page
You are presented with a simple splash screen. If you click register you will be sent to, where you can register a new account. If you want to login, you can click the small "man" icon on the top right corner, though the URL is currently broken.

The bottom...
December 13th Stream Recap
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Special Features:
  • A look at the Node UI window.
  • A glimpse of the Fishing NPC's and UI.
  • A short look at a Caravan quest.
  • Information on how the Stock Market will work.
You can find the entire stream below:

MMORPG Footage Breakdown below:

We see the devs spawn into what is a level 5 City Node, Elven themed, filled with NPC's and life.

In this detailed node window we see a bunch of systems that are working behind the scenes. We see a progression bar that shows us that this node is level 5 (City Stage) and is 1/4th of the way to becoming a Metropolis. We also see the total citizens of the node, the tax rate that is set by the mayor of the node (in this case Steven) and we got some information on the 'Trade Agreements' system. Trade agreements basically are agreements between two nodes that lets players do certain specific caravan runs...
Dec 6th Live-stream recap and QnA - APOC Open Beta on December 18th!
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Special Announcements:
  • Open Beta announced for December 18th 2018! Available to all registered users.
  • European site for Ashes of Creation can be found here
  • Apocalypse will be monetized via a Legendary Pass. (A free version will also be available)
  • All Alpha 1 backers will receive lifetime membership of the 10$ legendary pass.
  • New livestreams showcasing MMORPG development next week and how BR assets are used in the MMORPG.

Apocalypse Monetization:
Players are now able to register for the Open Beta of the Ashes of Creation Apocalypse testing phase here
The apocalypse testing phase will include a monetization model known as a "Adventure Pass' similar to a Battle Pass which will let players complete various quests and achievements within the Apocalypse testing mode and all 3 of its...
The release phases of AoC (Updated 11/1-2019)
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With the alpha testing underway, let's have a brief look at the different phases, and their ETAs.
For more detailed info on Alpha 1, check this article.
  • Alpha 0 (Dec. 15 2017 - Sept. 2018) Completed
    • Covered by NDA.
    • You can gain access through community raffles on their official website, Twitch stream giveaways, discord giveaways etc.
  • Alpha 1 Apocalypse "Stress Test" (Sept. 7 2018 - Oct. 18 2018) Completed
    • Short test phase ahead of Alpha 1 (now known as Apocalypse) to stress test the servers.
    • Visual NDA in effect for the first month.
    • Access based on Kickstarter backer tier, then summerbacker, then website pre-order pack. 1st week ~450 testers, 2nd week ~2000 testers, 3rd week ~5000 testers.
    • Squad play (matched with random teammates) added during the last weeks of stress testing.
  • Apocalypse - Battle Royale arena (Oct. 19th 2018) In Progress
    • Previously known as Alpha 1 Phase 1.
    • 100 players in a last man standing mode.
      • Squad play has also been added.
    • Action combat only.
    • There is no NDA this phase (and all other phases after that).
    • Planned to be online 24/7, with several server locations in NA, as well as servers in EU and OCE.
    • Part of the Braver of Worlds+ Kickstarter packs. It was also part of the Intrepid pre-order pack, but it is no longer being sold.
Ashes of Creation Apocalypse announced! 31/10 full stream recap
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Main headlines
  • First Alpha 1 Phase 2 gameplay shown. Phase 2 is planned to start in March-April 2019.
    • Phase 2 will be the traditional MMO experience, with progression, node system, open world etc. More info on what is included in this phase, can be found here.
  • Alpha 1 Phase 1 is renamed Ashes of Creation Apocalypse. Will feature the battle royale, castle siege, and horde mode. Will be a free to play side-arena, playable by everyone.
  • October cosmetics showcased.
  • New website coming soon[SUP]TM[/SUP].
Alpha 1 Phase 2 gameplay. This is with medium graphic setttings, but already looking extremely good!

Alpha 1 Phase 2 gameplay

Ashes of Creation enters Alpha 1 Phase 1 - NDA lifted!
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Rejoice dear ashlings, Ashes of Creation has now officially entered Alpha 1 Phase 1, and with that the NDA has been completely lifted. This also means that all Alpha 1 backers have been invited to test the battle royale combat mode (~ 10 000). In addition, all Alpha 2 backers have been invited for this weekend test as well. In the coming weeks they will also be inviting beta backers, all Alpha 0 backers, and eventually all registered users on the Ashes of Creation website.

Steven Sharif said:
We are happy to announce the testing is going very well and we are collecting a lot of useful data. Everyone at Intrepid cannot thank our Glorious community enough for their help in making mmos great... once more."
Everyone who is eligible should have received their mail yesterday/today with access code and download link.

You should also go ahead and check out our stream section! When I'm writing this, Steven is currently live playing at one of the streams:

For all other streams...

Register now, and join the best place for AoC content and discussion!

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