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Steven answered a few more questions on the official forum!
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So it seems like Steven totally forgot about the forum thread ahead of the latest live stream (he took the questions from discord this time), but luckily he decided to answer some of them on the forum afterwards! So let's just jump right to the questions and answers.

As for my question, you misunderstood I think. I was just interested in a server with the NAME of Stuffertons as a gathering place for the sillier-minded players among us.
Don't get me wrong, I'm totally down for the other idea too!

Ah I see, Servers will be named after the champions of the great battles that led up to the fall of Verra.

First raid PvE video released from Alpha 0! May 4th livestream breakdown and Q&A section
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What a great livestream last night! The stream, which lasted for about 1 hour, featured Steven, Jeffrey and Bacon. We first got a brief introduction, where they talked about bacon stuff (of course!), their Kickstarter office bet (Tristan cheated!) and how their team has increased from 30 to 70 in the last year. Very impressive! They are currently working on housing and environments, and we have some images shared which you can check out bellow.

The gang ready for another live stream!

First PvE raid video and Alpha 1 build ahead of schedule

We got shared a video from a recent Alpha 0 test, where they focused on PvE raid mechanics. The current size for raids was confirmed to be 40 players, but being alpha this can obviously change later. Steven also mentioned that they are impressed by the Epic engine, and their progress for the...
Recap of PAX East for Ashes of Creation Day 1 - 4, with links and info!
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So that concludes this years PAX East. It has been a great event, Intrepid studios really outdid themselves this year. Really focusing on the community, answering questions on stream and being out there for hours. We got a fun play-through session with the developers and Alpha 1 release confirmed for Q4 this year. To recap the event, check out the articles previously posted and the streams:

Day 1
Highlight of the day was the play-through session where Steven and his crew ran through the PAX demo.

You can check the recap and video here:
Stream recap

Streams from that day

PAX East Ashes of Creation Day 1 stream recap!
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The first day of PAX East is over, and it is time to recap! For the first hours of the stream we got to see the PAX visitors playing the PAX demo. Some of you probably recognized parts from the dwarf dungeon, which we have been shown footage from on a previous live stream. As a great way to finish off Day 1, Steven and his colleagues decided to play through the demo with us!

We start off by seeing a level 3 node at the village level. The last time we saw this node, it was being attacked by a boss, which had come out from his mountain cave to attack the node. One of the many great things about Ashes of Creation is that the game world will react to the player actions, in this case the node upgrade triggered the boss to attack the node. The villagers then had to defeat the boss to keep the node safe.

Sidebar: Notice the hilarious bug when one of the party members tried to...
Ashes of Creation featured at PAX East 2018 - Will include live streaming every day & raffle of 300 Alpha 0 keys! [updated 3/4]
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This week Intrepid sent out an email regarding Alpha 0, PAX schedule and store updates. During PAX East, which is from April 5th to April 8th, they will be giving out 300 (!) keys to Alpha 0! They also mentioned that already has 1200 people been given access to test the game during Alpha 0.

From this moment, anyone who follow Ashes of Creation on their official social media channels, will gain additional entries to Alpha 0! So to increase your chances of getting a key, make sure you follow/subscribe all their accounts:
A roundup of some nice podcasts/videos of Ashes of Creation
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There are lots of talented Youtube providers out there producing some great podcasts and other interesting videos about AoC. So while we all are waiting for more content on AoC, take a moment and check them out!

From DeathsProxy:
Ashes Of Creation - News Update 02/10/2018 - Live stream Recap, and Stupid Idea's?

From Dungeon Crawler Network:
Ashes of Creation - From The Ashes | Episode 35: Official Content Creator

From itsZiz:
Ashes of Creation NEWS - Alpha 0 Gameplay / New Blog Posts / Dev Stream Q&A
February 9th livestream, breakdown with images and Q&A notes!
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Another month, another official AoC livestream. Steven and the crew played for about 1 hour, answering a few questions along the way. They showed us a few different instances, with some boss fights, the underrealm, an elvish node, and topped it of with a quick PvP session! Spoiler: Steven did not win the PvP! I have taken several images during the stream, check them out below!


AoC loading screen.

Stream starts with the amazing looking Dünheim instance, an old dwarf city that got corrupted. The monsters there are pretty strong. The visuals are great, especially when you consider this game hasn't even reached the first official alpha state (alpha 1, estimated ~Q3 2018). We also get a look at the UI, character screen, loading screens etc. Of course things might change, but it is cool to see how it looks now. Steven got some basic gear on his character...
Prepare for the official livestream Friday 9/2 at 21.00 (9:00 PM) UTC
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Once again we can tune in on the official livestream, which is tomorrow Friday 9/2 at 21.00 (9:00 PM) UTC. The livestream was initially planned at the end of January, but got pushed back due to some issues that needed fixing first. Please post your questions in this thread and they'll pick around 10 or so to answer live on-stream. You'll have to be lucky though, as additional questions will likely not get answered. So make sure you tune in to catch the stream!

You can watch it here when it goes live:
Latest livestream video with Q&A notes!
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The latest AoC livestream, from January 18th, can be found on Twitch. If you missed that one, then you should definitely check it out!

There was as usual a Q&A session, and below you can read through the interesting answers from the team.
Credits for putting together this list goes to Mykkala.

When are we going to be able to upgrade out packs on the website?
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  • Steven: Our web dev team is currently working on that functionality. Our expected delivery date is around the 26th of January, give or take several days, in case there's some unexpected testing areas that need to be addressed. I would safely say that around the end of this month you'll be able to see the upgrade paths for the pre-order packages.
  • In addition, you will also see the add on functionality available if you are a Kickstarter backer or summer...

Did you miss the Alpha Zero Livestream?

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If you did, then you should definately check it out! See the full 1.5 hour video here!

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