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New website style for The AoC Dungeon!
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Welcome! The new website style is now live!

Everyone should now have a new style enabled by default, the "dungeon style". It has been custom ported for my Xenforo 2 website, and should fit a lot more into the Ashes of Creation game\dungeon theme! 😀

Logo/other adjustments
One major part is still not done, and that is the new logo. Will be finalized this week.
There will also be continuous adjustments throughout the week to fine-tune everything.

Feedback is important, so please tell me what you think!

Old style
"What about the old style? I kind of preferred that one.."

Fear not, you can still use the old one if you wish. Switching to the "alternative black style" is easy, just press the button with the light-bulb, labeled "Change style". It is located right above the footer. -->
The AoC Dungeon 1 year anniversary!
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The AoC Dungeon 1 year anniversary!

At this day in 2018, I made my first post on the website, thus marking the official launch. I am very proud of the progress so far! We have made detailed stream recaps of all streams in 2018, awesome feature articles (example) and more. The AoC Dungeon has become a official content creator for the game, and we’ve expanded the website with all sorts of cool new features and improvements, such as the guild list.
I’ve made lots of new friends, recruited some amazing staff members, and can’t wait to see how the site and its community evolves in 2019.

For 2019 we will...

Site update coming very soon! [Xenforo 2.1]

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So there is a substantial update coming to Xenforo very soon, it is currently in the last stage of beta, so I'm expecting it in December, or January at the latest. It is the first large feature update since Xenforo 2.0 was released last year.

Some of the news:

Push notifications
As you would expect with push notifications, you do not necessarily need to be viewing the forum when the notification is received, nor does the browser even need to be active, as demonstrated here:


Naturally, clicking on the notification will take you straight to the content. Also, it can be disabled if you do not want to use it.

URL unfurling
Gives you a preview of the url content, which includes the page title, metadata logo, description and favicon. Such rich previews add more context for users as to what the link contains. URL unfurling can be used anywhere that accepts BB code...
Our partner program has been improved and re-branded!
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The program is intended for content creators looking to cooperate in building up our communities. Currently we are looking for streamers and video content creators, though this may be expanded in the future.

What we can offer for you
  • Streamer specific features (Twitch,,
    • Featured on the streams page on our website. It will appear at the top of the section, then all non-featured streams will follow after that.
    • Only featured streams get notifications through the Discord and our live-stream channel.
  • YouTube/video content creator specific features:
    • Only featured YouTube channels get notifications through the Discord and our youtube channel.
  • Shown in our widget (Streams/YouTube) in the sidebars on the front page, article view, and forum index page. This will catch the...
Kirby's Alpha 1 Combat Analysis
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With the unveil of the Alpha 1 combat trailer, I decided to share my analysis of the trailer to highlight noteworthy elements and discuss them in detail. In case you missed it, you can view the full trailer here. The key points that I took away from the trailer are below, followed by my thoughts on each of them. Please let me know if you enjoyed reading this article, I'd love to do more of these in the future!
  • Melee Telegraphs
  • Potion Launcher Physics
  • Headshot Hitboxes
  • ADS (Aim Down the Sight)
  • Weapon Swapping & Reloading
  • Mobile Casting & Mobility
  • Sonar & Stealth Counters
  • Un-obstructed Teleport
  • Weightless Actions
  • Final Thoughts
Melee Telegraphs
The closest combat system that this can be compared to is Wildstar. I’ve created a simple visual to help explain the process of hit registration when it comes to melee weapons. Upon taking a...
Alpha 1 preparation: Media of the month contest and Improved media section!
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In preparation to the coming Alpha 1 start, and NDA lift, in mid-September, we are introducing:

Media of the month contest!

Every month, users can vote on their favorite media (image/video, anything in the media section). Was it a cool picture of a massive city sige? Rare cosmetics? Anyone can vote, and anyone can upload their own candidates. The first contest will start when Alpha 1 starts! :)

The winner will get a cool MOTM ribbon above their avatar. :)

As a bonus, the winner of the first contest will also get a free 3-month premium membership. Later winners may also get some cool free stuff, though this can vary from month to month.

The MOTM vote button, which can be found inside most of the categories in the media section.

Improved media section

  • We've added a lot more categories, to make it easier to browse exactly what you are looking for.
Anything else you would like to see? Let us now...
Welcome to our new Guild portal!
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After a long time of developing, I am pleased to announce our new guild list! This is in an effort to make it easier to find a new guild, or recruit to your guild. Of course, as it is brand new, there are not many guilds there yet, but I hope that very soon it will be packed with guilds! The AoC Dungeon strives to be the best website for your Ashes of Creation needs, and this is just one of more stuff to come. This is the first edition of the guild list, and it will be improved further as feedback comes in.

You can filter the search on the front page, to limit the search. Only a few filters are added now, but more coming as needed.

Promoting your guild in the top image slider
You may also promote your guild in the top image slider, for more visibility. For now, until there are at least 15 guilds on the list, it will be given as a first come, first serve basis. You'll have the spot for at least 3 weeks, and possibly more. All you have to do, is...
The AoC Dungeon is now an official Ashes of Creation Content Creator!
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Good news everyone! 7 months after going live, The AoC Dungeon is now an official Content Creator for Ashes of Creation! I have some pretty cool plans for the site, and I can't wait to show you. Our main focus will continue to be providing quality news content and articles. In that area we have recently also gotten a new editor on our team: @Kirby . You should check out her fantastic newspaper if you haven't read it already. Of course our website has lots of other interesting features, and some big ones that will be revealed very soon... ;)

Also don't forget to check out our Discord channel, in which we have seamless integration between the website and discord with real time notifications!

Thank you to all the fans who visit our website, post in our forum/discord, follow us on Twitter, and in other ways interact with us!
A special thank you to the users that have a...
Premium membership and donation pages are live
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Hello dear readers! You may have noticed two new pages that has popped up in the header navigation, called premium and donate.
The premium membership is similar to the popular Patreon service, where you can run a paid membership for your fans. The fans get a few nice perks, while also helping the site financially. So with this post I'm going to explain a bit more about this program and what options there are to support our community, if you wish to do so.

On this page you will get a breakdown of what is included in the different premium deals. Two of the options are subscription types: 2 months at $4.00 ($2.00 per month) and 1 year at $18.00 ($1.50 per month). This is similar to many Patreon services, which runs at $1-5 per month. Then you have the last option, which is a permanent lifetime plan. You pay a one-time fee of $40 and then you are set for life :) It also grants you a few more perks.

Pay 2 Win??
It is not P2W. :) Most of the...
Status update #2 - We have a discord channel and our news articles are gaining popularity!
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It has now been a while since our latest status report. So time to get a briefing out to you guys!

What has happened in the last 2 months on the website and with new features
  • We now have 80 registered members! And soon hitting 600 posts. :)
  • We have gotten a moderator, @Shunex, which was previously a moderator for the official forum/discord. He has helped me a lot with the site, I am very happy and grateful to have him on the team! PS: We are still looking for a News Writer as staff member, check this thread for more info.
  • New raffle system. Automated, with tons of customization options. It is working great, I'm very pleased.
  • Donation section. You can now donate to us to help our site <3
  • In-house chat has been replaced with Discord embed to our Discord channel. Have a look...

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