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The AoC Dungeon is now an official Ashes of Creation Content Creator!
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Good news everyone! 7 months after going live, The AoC Dungeon is now an official Content Creator for Ashes of Creation! I have some pretty cool plans for the site, and I can't wait to show you. Our main focus will continue to be providing quality news content and articles. In that area we have recently also gotten a new editor on our team: @Kirby . You should check out her fantastic newspaper if you haven't read it already. Of course our website has lots of other interesting features, and some big ones that will be revealed very soon... ;)

Also don't forget to check out our Discord channel, in which we have seamless integration between the website and discord with real time notifications!

Thank you to all the fans who visit our website, post in...
Premium membership and donation pages are live
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Hello dear readers! You may have noticed two new pages that has popped up in the header navigation, called premium and donate.
The premium membership is similar to the popular Patreon service, where you can run a paid membership for your fans. The fans get a few nice perks, while also helping the site financially. So with this post I'm going to explain a bit more about this program and what options there are to support our community, if you wish to do so.

On this page you will get a breakdown of what is included in the different premium deals. Two of the options are subscription types: 2 months at $4.00 ($2.00 per month) and 1 year at $18.00 ($1.50 per month). This is similar to many Patreon services, which runs at $1-5 per month. Then you have the last option, which is...
Status update #2 - We have a discord channel and our news articles are gaining popularity!
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It has now been a while since our latest status report. So time to get a briefing out to you guys!

What has happened in the last 2 months on the website and with new features
  • We now have 80 registered members! And soon hitting 600 posts. :)
  • We have gotten a moderator, @Shunex, which was previously a moderator for the official forum/discord. He has helped me a lot with the site, I am very happy and grateful to have him on the team! PS: We are still looking for a News Writer as staff member, check this thread for more info.
  • New raffle system. Automated, with tons of customization options. It is working great, I'm very pleased.
  • Donation section. You can now donate to us to help...
Ashes of Creation - The year that followed kickstarter.
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It's been a year since Ashes of Creation went live on Kickstarter, so today let's take a look back on the progress and milestone's that has been made in the last year.

May 2017

Become a Premium Member of The AoC Dungeon - Cool perks and help support the site
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You can now upgrade your account to Premium Member, which will gain some cool perks, as well as support the site and its future development. We rely on donations and user upgrades to keep this site alive, and keep advertisements out of here. :)

Premium Member


Upgrade here!

More perks will come later. You can also give feedback to this (and request other perks) in the feedback forum.
Do note that all core features of the site will always be free, and this is a completely optional!
Status update #1 on The AoC Dungeon - Our journey to become the best AoC site!
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The site has been live and well for about 1,5 months now. I'm pleased with the start we have gotten! :) Over 3200 hits on the site during just the first month is great. We now have 24 members and about 200 posts. I hope you will spread the word on our community to help it grow further :)

Summary of what has happened recently on The AoC Dungeon:
  • Launched our first AoC contest, where the reward is a fine PAX exclusive tea transport ship. Currently with 4 contenders, but about 2 weeks left until the end of the contest. If you haven't already, join it now!
  • Partnership with @TheCouchNerd . He is our featured streamer, and there will be some other AoC related content from me and him coming soon. Stay tuned...
Win PAX exclusive tea transport ship from the Ashes of Creation store! [Contest ended]
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This is the first of many contests (both AoC related and non-AoC related) we are going to host here at The AoC Dungeon! This time you can win the fancy PAX exclusive tea transport ship, which is currently available at the official store. The requirements are simple, but the rewards are very nice! Put your name in the contest now :)

- Be a registered member on this site.
- Have at least 3 posts in the forum.
- Have an account at the official site. This is needed to get your reward, if you win.

PAX exclusive tea transport ship! ($25 USD value)

*How to join the contest*
Simply reply to this thread saying you'd like to join. :)...​
The AoC Dungeon is LIVE - The road to become the best Ashes of Creation community begins!
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Welcome to The AoC Dungeon, a community website dedicated to the upcoming, and highly anticipated, MMORPG from Intrepid Studios: Ashes of Creation. The website is in its early beginning, but I am going to work hard on making this a great portal for AoC content :)

The site will feature the latest news, analytics of alpha content, dedicated forum to talk about anything, as well as own sections for Media for you to share (AoC images/videos from Alpha 0 perhaps? :) ), and for Resources, such as in game Guides. There will also be contests coming soon, with small AoC goodies, and bigger things such as beta packs! Stay tuned.

A little bit about myself: I have been the admin of several projects in the past. Most recently I had the biggest stand-alone community site for Cities Skylines (named Cities Skylines Nation), with thousands of members and discussions. I have played a lot of...

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