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First raid PvE video released from Alpha 0! May 4th livestream breakdown and Q&A section
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What a great livestream last night! The stream, which lasted for about 1 hour, featured Steven, Jeffrey and Bacon. We first got a brief introduction, where they talked about bacon stuff (of course!), their Kickstarter office bet (Tristan cheated!) and how their team has increased from 30 to 70 in the last year. Very impressive! They are currently working on housing and environments, and we have some images shared which you can check out bellow.

The gang ready for another live stream!

First PvE raid video and Alpha 1 build ahead of schedule

We got shared a video from a recent Alpha 0 test, where they focused on PvE raid mechanics. The current size for raids was confirmed to be 40 players, but being alpha this can obviously change later. Steven also mentioned that they are impressed by the Epic engine, and their progress for the networking, bringing vast improvements compared to the state of the game 1 year ago. The game looks fluid, even with 40 people being in one place at the same time.

Ashes of Creation pre-order store May update is live!
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New month, new cosmetics in the Ashes of Creation pre-order packs. As usual, the packs are the same in terms of the other content (test access, game-time, embers etc), while the cosmetics rotate each month. If you have already bought a pre-order pack, don't worry: You can still purchase the new cosmetics. It will be available as a addon, so you won't have to buy the whole pre-order package again.

Wayfarer Pre-Order Pack - 75 USD

*This pack also adds your name 4 times to the drawings for the Invitation-only Alpha Zero Internal Testing phases leading into Alpha One.
  • Access to Beta 2
  • 2 months of game time ($30 Value)
  • $25 in Embers (in-game marketplace credits, NO P2W!)
  • Cloak of Eminence *NEW*
Expeditionary Pre-Order Pack - 150 USD

*This pack...
Ashes of Creation - The year that followed kickstarter.
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It's been a year since Ashes of Creation went live on Kickstarter, so today let's take a look back on the progress and milestone's that has been made in the last year.

May 2017

Ashes News - Rumor's About Intrepid/Daybreak Games acquistion?
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You might of recently heard about or seen article's posted in gaming new's sites about Intrepid Studio's buying Daybreak Games. This is what we have been told in response by Steven at Intrepid as well as Daybreak Games.


From Steven on the official Ashes of creation discord earlier today.

From Daybreak Game's on their forum's earlier today. Orignal Post

If you would like to take a look at the article's in question here are the main two new's sites that this has come from. - Article
Massively OP podcast

So what are your guys thought's on the acquisition? will it happen or is it just rumor's ?
Interview with Steven Sharif - From The Ashes | Episode 42: Steven Returns [Dungeon Crawler Network]
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Yesterday Dungeon Crawler Network shared their recent interview with Intrepid Creative Director Steven Sharif. If you haven't seen the "From The Ashes" podcasts by DCN, you should definitely check them out. In addition to Steven Sharif, we also have the podcast hosts Aggelos, Alpha Soul and Stormzlord. In this article you will find most questions and topics that they talked about, and if you want to check out the whole video there is a link at the bottom.

The podcast panel during yesterdays episode of From The Ashes

PAX and Alpha 0

Steven mentioned that they received a lot of feedback after PAX, and of course some of it related to the combat mechanics. Steven and his team believes in transparency during the development process and wants the community to be a part of the process. The game is still in a pre-alpha state, they really haven't spent any time on combat. The next milestone will be the Alpha 1 phase, with a big focus on combat and PvP mechanics.

Aggelos then asked about how the work has been going with their backend...
Results from the giveaway of 300 Alpha 0 keys!
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If you won a key from the giveaway after PAX, you should have gotten a e-mail/DM on the respective social channel (Facebook/Twitter, Twitch etc). So make sure to check all those. And just to be safe, double check with the list below! :smile: According to the official post on their forum, the 300 keys also includes 69 winners from social media and 22 registered PAX users. In addition to those 300 winners, 26 won a key through the Twitch raffles and 937 PAX panel participants. So in total, 1 263 people have gotten access to Alpha 0 in the last week! If you haven't won one yet, there will be more chances coming.. :smile:

List of Ashes of Creation previews after PAX East
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There has been several previews of Ashes of Creation going online in the days after PAX East. Here is a handy list of the ones I have come across. Feel free to add new entries if you have found another one.


"This year’s PAX East featured a lot of games early in their testing phase, but Ashes of Creation was one that had splurged for a very large booth toward the center of the show floor. And let’s be fair here; the game sure looked like it was ready for prime time. Between the animations on display and the general look of playing the game for onlookers, this is the sort of game that, at a glance, certainly did not look like something in pre-alpha. All of its graphical polish was being shown off to great effect."

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You can now upgrade your account to Premium Member, which will gain some cool perks, as well as support the site and its future development. We rely on donations and user upgrades to keep this site alive, and keep advertisements out of here. :smile:

Premium Member


Upgrade here!

More perks will come later. You can also give feedback to this (and request other perks) in the feedback forum.
Do note that all core features of the site will always be free, and this is a completely optional!
Recap of PAX East for Ashes of Creation Day 1 - 4, with links and info!
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So that concludes this years PAX East. It has been a great event, Intrepid studios really outdid themselves this year. Really focusing on the community, answering questions on stream and being out there for hours. We got a fun play-through session with the developers and Alpha 1 release confirmed for Q4 this year. To recap the event, check out the articles previously posted and the streams:

Day 1
Highlight of the day was the play-through session where Steven and his crew ran through the PAX demo.

You can check the recap and video here:
Stream recap

Streams from that day

Day 2
Highlight of the day was the PAX panel. It was very interesting hearing the developers talk about their...
Alpha 1 announced for early Q4 2018 - Ashes of Creation PAX Panel details
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Yesterday Intrepid Studio hosted a panel at PAX East, where they talked about a lot of things, from how unique and big of a project this is, to how they work together as a team. A lot of background talk and their thought process behind making the game. It's very interesting to watch, so I recommend checking it out.

However, the biggest news was that Alpha 1 is planned for early Q4 2018, and that it will be divided in two phases. The first phase will focus on their arena modes, castle sieges, city sieges, large player battles, raids and guild fights. So it is going to be very exciting to finally get a closer look at all the PvP and large scale content!

There was also a QA session where people from the audience could ask Intrepid. Did anyone say nodes part 3?

Here are a few of those questions:

When can we expect nodes part 3?

*A lot of laugh in the crowd and among the panelists.*
So, nodes part 3. Actually one of our team members is currently not with us here at PAX, and his name is Trystan Snodgrass (Senior...

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