Getting started in Ashes of Creation Apocalypse

Getting started in Ashes of Creation Apocalypse 1.1

A guide that covers the basics and layout of the menu when you first jump into AoC Apocalypse.

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Hi everyone – Narys, Mother of Yatas here! Whereas other guides are designed to help you fine tune your slaying technique or min-max, this is designed to be a very basic guide before you even get into the game for new players. Loading up Apocalypse for the first time can be a bit overwhelming so hopefully this will help you get the features into perspective and allow you to then focus on actually playing the game and winning!

When loading up the game for the first time you will be presented with the main menu screen.

The Shop

Here is where you can spend your sweet embers to purchase some interesting looking cosmetics to make your character unique. You can click on the equip button to preview them, the remove button to unequip them and then the Buy button in the bottom right to purchase (this can also be done in bulk).

Adventure Paths

This is where your unlockable cosmetics can be found purely by playing the game. The order they unlock in corresponds to levels that you earn by participating and winning in matches as well as completing quests. You start with the “Silver” adventure path as standard but can then purchase the “Legendary” or “Golden” path for embers (once per path level). These can be purchased for real world money or by using embers earnt in game.

Rewards last for 10 weeks or 1 season (roughly) and each season you will need to unlock the Legendary path again. Alpha 1 backers receive this for free for the lifetime of the product and Alpha 2, Beta 1 and Beta 2 backers will get Season 1 for free.


Here you can see the various quests available to you, do note that these are timed. Each time you complete a quest you will be rewarded with exp that will then count towards levelling you up and unlocking cosmetics. Currently you are able to complete these in the in-game lobby while waiting for the portal for power up (it’s a big spinning stargate, you can’t miss it!)

Setting your name

This can be found via settings in the top right, do note that how often you can change it is quite limited. So, if you are in a guild then do make sure to check the tag that they use. In my case it is [HoU] however given that you can’t use the [ ]’s currently, we tend to go by HoU- e.g. HoU-Narys.

Picking your instruments of death
Ideally, we would all be able to ride an armour clad Yata into battle and crush our enemies however as this isn’t a thing in Ashes (yet!) we have to make do with conventional weaponry. It is worth noting that different weapons play to different playstyles. Admittedly there are higher DPS weapons but personally I would say stick with the weapon you are most comfortable with initially as you learn the game (as well as what you can find!). The rarity of weapons (and armour) dictate how effective they are (in terms of damage, armour etc). The order goes Blue (Rare), Yellow (Epic) and Orange (Legendary). There are a few items that I grew attached to initially and some that I still use. These include (I’ve included screenshots to make them easier to find);

The Archmages Companion Staff – This is a decent melee weapon that comes with an area crimson blast attack by pressing Q. It has good accuracy and is quite common.

The Lifebringer – Another solid melee weapon that has good sustain. This is due to its life steal ability that drains hp from the player upon each hit.

The Wand of Light – This is a fantastic ranged weapon with good fire rate. You can attack with left mouse button or zoom in by pressing right mouse button. It can be very good for blasting players that use catfall boots if you can anticipate where they are going to land.

Bows are another good ranged option (both long bow and short bow) – Personally I don’t tend to use them as I find the zoom awkward (using right mouse button) however there are many in my guild that do. They tend to prefer the long bow of miasma and go for head shots given the damage that they inflict.

I wish you the very best of luck for your first few battles and thanks for reading, keep practicing and you will be enjoying those glorious 1st victory screens in no time.
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I appreciate it, thank you for feedback...I will make sure to slip the magical sandal into future videos!
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Thanks for your kind comments, I'm glad you found it useful!