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Interesting to read! Dont know much about all this, but this is clearly inspiring and informative, thanks! Would be nice with some additional nformation when it comes to to AoC in specific, like what does AoC specifically give to RP etc.
Thanks for the info!
You're most welcome Cheese :)
Lovely to see some RP-related stuff around here. Good guide!
Giving five stars despite having missed the most important thing in the login screen. The magic sandal! :P

Jokes aside, there's great information for newbies in here, good job.
I appreciate it, thank you for feedback...I will make sure to slip the magical sandal into future videos!
Sums up a lot of the known information thus far. Here's hoping it will be kept up to date as more is revealed :)
I like your use of Microsoft word. Quality content!
Thanks for your kind comments, I'm glad you found it useful!
Excellent resource Morashtak!

This is a great informative piece, if you are looking to get into role-playing, or just curious to know more about what it is :)