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    The AoC Dungeon 1 year anniversary!

    Congrats! can't believe it's been a year, keep up the awesome work!
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    Cleric Mechanics

    Hopefully they have / will improve the animation / holding of the staff, instead of it looking like a baseball bat :Blobcleric:
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    Unless they have worked together in the past, i highly doubt the alliance will last long term, with all the inter-guild drama that pop's up every few months etc, it wouldn't take much for them to turn on each other.
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    The official pet thread

    Puppers, and Mama and Daddy Puppers!
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    Finding the right race

    I know... We elve's have done nothing wrong! yet
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    Finding the right race

    Nawww dw Aggelos, we know u love us!
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    Website software version has been updated

    :BlobTank: love them ! :BlobMage: but not as good as mine :BlobNecro:
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    The September store update: Vaelune/Beastmaster theme!

    Or Even Stress Testing for Alpha 1
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    Comment by 'Shunex' in media 'Mount'

    Naww no yata's #kangaroosarebettermount's
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    Comment by 'Shunex' in media 'Pet'

    Haha yup except the kickstarter phoenix, that really need's to be done properly lol
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    Comment by 'Shunex' in media 'Mount'

    :BlobMage: kill it with fire.... lol
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    Comment by 'Shunex' in media 'Mount'

    hahaha people were talking about this from swotr today lol, look's similar i guess lol
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    Head Start and Early Access

    Yeah it was a mess, one of the thing's that turned alot of people away in the first few day's was their handling of it all.
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    Standalone Battle Royale

    exactly, don't need the same thing happening here....