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Q: How many races in the game? Will they affect the character?
A: 9. Yes, they will affect your stats, as well as provide some unique archetype skills.

Aela Humans
- Kaelar
- Vaelune

Pyrian Elves
- Empyrean
- Py'rai

Kaivek Orcs
- Renk'kai
- Vek

Dunzenkell Dwarves
- Dunir
- Nikua

Underrealm Race
- Tular

Q: How many archetypes (classes) in the game?
A: There are 8 archetypes, but you can have both a primary and a secondary archetype. The archetypes are Tank, Fighter, Summoner, Rogue, Ranger, Mage, Cleric, and Bard. First is chosen at character creation, and the second is chosen at a later time. In total, there are 64 combinations.

Q: When is the game getting released?
A: Current ETA is Q4 2019.

Q: What stage is the game currently in?
A: Alpha 0. 2018 will consist of alpha testing, while 2019 will consist of beta testing, and hopefully launch at the end of the year.

Q: What is the node system? Can you have houses?
A: One of the biggest core systems in the game is the node system. They will affect the whole region, from which monsters that spawn, available instances, connections to other nodes (bridges etc), to many different bonuses for the whole node influence area. We know is that there are four different types of nodes, each with many unique features.

Players will also be able to buy houses for themselves. There are three different types of houses you can get in AoC: Premium hosing inside the nodes, which will develop as the node levels up, and can be sold. There are cheaper options though; instanced housing. No actual house in the game world, but you have your own apartment to decorate. The last option is freeholds, where you can build your own little mini city, with taverns, mills etc.

For more detailed info about this,read my guide here!

Q: How is the PvP system? Sieges? Arena?
A: There will be many different PvP options.
1) Arena. 1v1, 3v3, 5v5. etc. This will also be in play for military nodes when selecting a leader.

2) Battlegrounds, such as sieges, caravans or other specific zones.

3) Open world PvP.

4) GvG wars. Guilds can go to war vs each other. They will be flagged vs each other, but not to anyone outside the fighting guilds.

Q: How will the open world PvP work?
A: In the open world, flagging will be active. You'll be either non-combatant (green), combatant (purple) or corrupted (red). You can for example fight back if someone attacks you and you both will be marked as combatants. Where it gets interesting is when you add corrupt into the mix. -->
  1. If a player kills another, without them fighting back, they become “corrupt” and gain a certain corruption score
  2. Players gain a drop % on each item they are currently wearing as well as in their inventory
  3. A player's ability to function in battle is decreased as they gain more and more corruption.
  4. Only way to remove corruption is to die
  5. Location is revealed to bounty hunters when corrupt.[1]
If you are corrupt, you are marked on the map for bounty hunters. Getting the bounty hunter title is through a quest (in a military level 4 node).

Q: What about PvE? Group sizes?
A: There will be instances for 8 people (group size), as well as challenging large-scale raids.

Q: Pets and mounts? Flying?
A: Yes and yes. Only dragons, or other legendary mythical creatures, will be actual flying mounts, and they will be very rare and epic. Other mounts might glide however.

Q: Will this game be Free To Play?
A: No, it will have a 15 USD subscription model.

Q: In-game shop?
A: Yes. There will be an in-game mall/cash shop available for players with only cosmetics, skins and dyes! No P2W!

More will be added soon.
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