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  1. Tex

    Pets / Mounts you want to see in AoC

    @Santy182 Adorable!!
  2. Tex

    Alpha 1 date prediction

    Well, I'd assume the director letter will give us a pretty good pointer as to where Alpha 1 lands (or Steven might even provide us with a time-frame of his own).
  3. Tex


    Welcome MalteseWolf! Happy to have you here.
  4. Tex

    Ashes of Creation: Apocalypse development clarification

    Steven shared some development insight on Discord today, explaining the reasoning behind creating the Apocalypse side-project and the choice of battle royale game mode. I think this statement sums it up pretty well: Steven: "It only had to do with three things (Regarding APOC): Testing the...
  5. City node - Details window

    City node - Details window

    The city that Steven is a mayor of... :)
  6. Bear mount animation in AoC

    Bear mount animation in AoC

    A short clip showing off the bear mount animation!
  7. Tex

    The AoC Dungeon and Hand of Unity partnership

    I do too! It is going to be great! :D
  8. Tex

    The official pet thread

    Sleepy little puppy 🐶
  9. Tex

    Comment by 'Tex' in media 'Glimmering geode mount'

    Yeah it's a pretty unique mount! ^^
  10. Tex

    Website updated to Xenforo 2.1 [new features]

    You can now use GIPHY! 😄 How to use: Click the ... icon on your editor bar, then click Giphy at the bottom. Here you can search for anything, f.ex "wow", and place the image you want. For @Destructor :
  11. Tex

    Forum Ranks & Special Titles

    @Zella Pssst. Shunex has taken the foot of the posting pedal, this is your moment to get into #TeamDarkBlue (TM pending) and overtake him ^^
  12. Tex

    The AoC Dungeon and Hand of Unity partnership

    I am very happy to announce that the The AoC Dungeon and EU PvX Hand of Unity guild, have now entered a partnership!* Such a partnership is an exciting opportunity to pool our resources and ensure that the Ashes of Creation community have a lively and inclusive fan site which provides users...
  13. Tex

    Hey guys!

    Nice! ^^ I knew it hahah. Yeah I hope Netflix can save both Colony and Salvation. But it doesn't look good :\
  14. Tex

    Hey guys!

    Yeah. I haven't started on S03 yet, but shame they cancelled it :( Salvation is a good one though! (albeit only 2 seasons xD)
  15. Tex

    JoyFreak here!

    Yeah. We are still pretty early in development though, but a lot more info and MMO gameplay should arrive in the early part of this year 😄
  16. Tex

    Steven answers more questions on Discord - Guild taxes, dragon flying mount drops and more!

    In the last few days Steven has been kind enough to answer quite a few questions from the community! Steven said the mount from the February pack will be hovering above the ground. Glide mount. Q&A: Zephirius: Having made that official, do you still hold true to the "Before 2020?"...
  17. Tex

    February store update!

    Mount :)
  18. Tex

    Comment by 'Tex' in media 'Oracle of the far prairie pet'

    @Zella Adorable :superlove::lovey:
  19. Tex

    February store update!

    Glorious Ashlings! The January cosmetic skins are now live in the store! If you are a Kickstarter or Summer backer you can purchase each of these items as add-ons! If you have a previous months Pre-Order pack you can purchase the items from the same pack tier as add-ons! Remember these...