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  1. Morashtak

    March 29th Stream Recap - Nodes Information!

    Good write-up. Mobs and node leveling will be interesting to watch - In our real world as a area grows it tend to push out the larger predators leaving... oh gawd, rats. Yes, new players/characters just may get "kill the rats in the tavern cellar" quests. Of course, this should lead to driving...
  2. Morashtak

    Theory Crafting: Monsters as Nodes

    This goes against hierarchy rules - The larger the entity the more resources it needs to survive, whether this is a city or a monster. What IS should do is rethink how the smaller monsters would be the raiders (kobolds, wolves, etc) of smaller nodes (and therefore quest targets for low level...
  3. Morashtak

    Theory Crafting: Monsters as Nodes

    One of the aspects of theme park MMOs is that groups of monsters (aka "mobs") will stand around (rarely move, and not very far) waiting patiently for an adventurer to craftily cut them down one-by-one (or no more than they can handle). If IS is going to think outside the box about monsters and...
  4. Morashtak

    A WoW Rant that seems to apply to many discussions about AoC

    Should IS stay the course and develop the game they envision, not cater to the loudest voices crying for the easiest path? Should all of the content be accessible to all players? Or should players have to earn their way into content? Should content be tiered? Raids only for top tier PvE...
  5. Morashtak

    Finding the right race

    This is what we know so far; Dünzenkell Even tho' my avatar has a harpoon it is intended to be used to catch the largest fresh water pike that can be found in Verra - No surfing the waves for this Dünir.
  6. Morashtak

    Margaret Krohn's (Community Marketing Lead) Reddit AMA (edited for clarity and brevity)

    Original Reddit Post Margaret's Introduction; "Hello Glorious Ashes of Creation community! I am Margaret Krohn the new Community Marketing Lead for Intrepid Studios. I will be working on all of Intrepid Studios intellectual properties, leading our Community and Marketing teams. Here's a...
  7. Morashtak

    What Make a Good MMORPG?

    While Tips Out is, in the end, selling Classic WoW has IS answered any/all of the pillars that is discussed in the video? Progression Customization Immersion Competition Cooperation Community Would seem that Steven and crew have answers but in the end all the mechanics will need to be in place...
  8. Morashtak

    Should IS keep the combat simple or should they expand it beyond what we currently see in Apocalypse?

    As pointed out in another thread IS is aiming for a group balance rather than a specific class balance so a little research project arose; What is the goal for a rock-paper-scissors (RPS) PvP balance? The goal of a rock-paper-scissors PvP balance is for a particular class to have many...
  9. Morashtak

    Apocalypse - First Impression

    my two coppers, Map; The map is large and varied. The aesthetics is coming together nicely. Much to be seen and explored. But due to the large size I have been feeding my exploration addiction instead of fighting. If one of their metrics is distance traveled then my meters/game score must be in...
  10. Morashtak

    Will you be able to switch between classes?

    One of the problems in being able to switch main specs (archetypes in AoC) is the learning curve required (or should be required) to master the abilities - If you level up a fighter archetype it is assumed that you have acquired the knowledge, muscle memory and reflexes which help you master...
  11. Morashtak

    a hyped novice

    Welcome to the forums. Please don't hesitate to ask questions as some of us have been playing paper-and-pencil RPGs as well as computer RPGs for a long time and look forward to a game where our actions matter and make a difference rather than existing in a predefined, scripted environment...
  12. Morashtak

    Can Intrepid Studios learn anything from this video?

    Does AoC's large land mass alleviate the concern that a large world is irrelevant if the end game is all about instanced dungeons and raids? Does the node system place additional emphasis on the size of the world and should new areas be opened up for exploration as the old ones become set and...
  13. Morashtak

    Will you be able to switch between classes?

    There should be no disadvantage to any class; a particular class may have an advantage in a special scenario that another may not. Ex. Take any archetype and add the Cleric augment versus the Rogue augment. The Cleric archetype/augment class may have a self healing augment that the Rogue...
  14. Morashtak

    A Balance Proposal

    IS has stated that they are striving for group dynamics and group balancing rather than individual archetype/class balancing; Game Balance; "There will be match ups in 1v1s where one class will be superior to another; and that application should be a rock-paper-scissors dynamic. We want there...
  15. Morashtak

    Role Playing Tips and Hints

    How does this guide help the non-role playing player? Big bucks on the auction house or advertising in general or trade chat channel. Yes, role players (RPers) have been known to spend gold on a common item that unknowing players vendor (sell to NPCs) for a few copper. If you find yourself on a...
  16. Morashtak

    Role Playing Tips and Hints

    Morashtak submitted a new resource: Role Playing Tips and Hints - Being a real character in a make-believe world Read more about this resource...
  17. Morashtak

    Well met, friends.

    Howdy Tex! (I've soo wanted to say that) re: RP guild While an interesting thought I'm leaning more towards a guide than a guild. I'll do some research and see what resources we have already and put them all together in a guide with a few observations of my own.
  18. Morashtak

    Summoner Theory Crating

    Summoners; A person who practices evocation, the act of calling upon or summoning a spirit or deity. Someone who wields power magic that can summon forth magical beasts. Many ancient cultures world wide has folklore and legends of Summoners and their abilities. Story tales involve both good and...
  19. Morashtak

    Well met, friends.

    Let's just get this out there - I am an older gamer that have many years of gaming behind me; from the Gold Box series (Pools of Radiance, etc) to joining the WoW community during mid-TBC it has been fascinating to watch the evolution of technology and how games have taken advantage of better...
  20. Morashtak

    Ranger Theory Crafting

    Ranger; a keeper of a park, forest, or area of countryside. from Wikipedia, Ranger (character class); "A Ranger (also known as Hunter, Archer, Scout, or Tracker) is an archetype found in works of fantasy fiction and role-playing games. Rangers are usually associated with the wisdom of nature...