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  1. Narys

    Hand of Unity

    A large number of us are planning to play WoW Classic when it releases later this year, so do feel free to stop on by if you have an interest or some nostalgia!
  2. Narys

    Hand of Unity

    Updated with new info and our Christmas special video!
  3. Narys

    Director Letter And Live Stream - Thoughts?

    The letter on it's own was underwhelming like you mentioned @squeetee - It was much better alongside the live stream and it was just nice to hear what we all thought confirmed by Steven himself. I'm really looking forward to seeing the new content that comes out this month with regards to nodes.
  4. Narys

    Creative Director's letter released - Weekly updates promised, content roadmap coming, and Alpha 1 delayed

    An interesting read but I must admit I was hoping for some sort of time line or schedule at the very least when it comes to content releases etc.
  5. Narys


    Hey Alice, welcome to the AoC Dungeon, it is nice to see you again!
  6. Narys

    Bless Online - Yay or nay?

    Sadly the game is now pretty dead, had 666 24 hour high player count on steam last time I checked which is a sign!
  7. Narys

    Xyphien Here!

    Welcome to the community and nice signature!
  8. Narys


    Welcome buddy, good to see you here as well! :happyface:
  9. Narys

    Ashes of Creation: Apocalypse development clarification

    Is great to see so much info from Steven lately, I can't wait until we get the actual letter. Nice write up!
  10. Narys

    Hey guys!

    Welcome Fhin! I feel like I know you from somewhere... :slurp:
  11. Narys

    Congratulations to the winners of the anniversary raffle!

    Awesome, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Thanks for running it Tex :lovey:
  12. Narys

    a hyped novice

    A belated welcome to the community!
  13. Narys

    Apocalypse Patch notes and known issues (January 24th 2019)

    Really nice to see these being produced regularly now and woot fixes!
  14. Narys

    Movie & TV thread

    I do need to check out Star Trek Discovery as I've heard it is good from quite a few people now. I would also recommend The Orville, I wasn't expecting much but was pleasantly surprised!
  15. Narys

    Comment by 'Narys' in media 'Apocalypse castle siege classes'

    I must admit I do want to see how the engineer plays and am curious to see if it draws any inspiration from bard at all.
  16. Narys

    Slightly optimistic newcomer

    Welcome to the community from a fellow healer!
  17. Narys

    The release phases of AoC (Updated 19/3-2019)

    Like @squeetee said everyone gets access and it does tend to be quite periodic at the moment in terms of access. Hopefully we'll have some new dates soon.
  18. Narys

    The release phases of AoC (Updated 19/3-2019)

    If you mean in terms of actually logging into the game client, then the servers are currently offline unfortunately. None of us are able to get in until the next test, so don't worry! :hug:
  19. Narys

    Hand of Unity

    Thanks mate! Appreciate your kind words :)