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  1. Keludar

    YouTube Potential Youtube Topics

    I have a few ideas for next video I want to begin tomorrow but would really appreciate feedback on whether they sound interesting/entertaining? 1. Ashes FAQ A focus on not general info but things that people ask that are myths/misconceptions about the game. Or at least questions people ask a...
  2. Keludar

    YouTube First Ashes of Creation YouTube video completed

    It was many hours of learning and frustration as I tried to produce something that I was happy with but I finally got 1 video done. Would love to get feedback either here or on the YouTube channel. Thanks for all the help so far everyone. ~Keludar
  3. Keludar

    YouTube Working on YouTube Intro (Updated 9/15/18)

    Just looking for some feedback. I might take out the fuzzy particles and actually add rain if i can figure it out since it would go better with my theme and sounds. Also would love to just add a flash of light but I'm not sure I can do it all.