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  1. Shunex

    Ashes of Corruption - what's your opinon on the corruption system?

    for information on the corruption system checkout these community wiki's for more information. - Ashes Of Creation Wiki and what's your thought on the mechanic? do you think it will hinder open world pvp or make open world pvp great again?
  2. Shunex

    Ashes of Creation - The year that followed kickstarter.

    It's been a year since Ashes of Creation went live on Kickstarter, so today let's take a look back on the progress and milestone's that has been made in the last year. May 2017 Kickstarter went live! Released information on what race's and classes will be in ashes of creation. Kaelar...
  3. Shunex

    Ashes News - Rumor's About Intrepid/Daybreak Games acquistion?

    You might of recently heard about or seen article's posted in gaming new's sites about Intrepid Studio's buying Daybreak Games. This is what we have been told in response by Steven at Intrepid as well as Daybreak Games. From Steven on the official Ashes of creation discord earlier today. From...
  4. Shunex

    Shunex join's the team.

    Hi there! Thought i should properly introduce myself now that i have been brought on as a moderator here at the aoc dungeon. As you may of guessed I'm Shunex formerly one of the official community moderators from ashes of creation and now that i have retired from being a official community...