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  1. Tex

    March 8th Stream Recap - New castle siege footage!

    Main Highlights: New castle siege footage released. Alpha 1 pushed back, it is no longer planned for Q2. No new date given at this time. They are no longer expecting the game to be released before 2020. All previously announced dates (Q2 for Alpha 1, Q3 for Alpha 2, release before 2020 etc)...
  2. Tex

    Creative Director's letter released - Weekly updates promised, content roadmap coming, and Alpha 1 delayed

    Glorious Ashlings! The long awaited Creative Director's letter was released today, which gave us some important development updates on Ashes of Creation. The most important parts of the letter (new information) was: Community and Intrepid Margaret and Sarah will provide a Content Roadmap...
  3. Tex

    Alpha 1 date prediction

    Let's see who manages to pin down the correct prediction this time.. :) When does the real Alpha 1 start? Is it on schedule for Q2? Place your bets!
  4. Tex

    Ashes of Creation Apocalypse announced! 31/10 full stream recap

    Main headlines First Alpha 1 Phase 2 gameplay shown. Phase 2 is planned to start in March-April 2019. Phase 2 will be the traditional MMO experience, with progression, node system, open world etc. More info on what is included in this phase, can be found here. Alpha 1 Phase 1 is renamed...
  5. Tex

    Ashes of Creation enters Alpha 1 Phase 1 - NDA lifted!

    Rejoice dear ashlings, Ashes of Creation has now officially entered Alpha 1 Phase 1, and with that the NDA has been completely lifted. This also means that all Alpha 1 backers have been invited to test the battle royale combat mode (~ 10 000). In addition, all Alpha 2 backers have been invited...
  6. squeetee

    Alpha 1 Stress Test Thoughts: Updated 9/23/18

    I was one of the lucky 250 to gain access to alpha 1 stress test on Sept. 7. Here's a few thoughts on the game's battle royale mode and visuals... The game mode was a standard battle royale last Man standing. We were only allowed to queue for solo. If you've played fortnite or are just...
  7. Tex

    Ashes of Creation Alpha 1 stress started today - NDA still active

    Last night at ~0300 CEST, the Alpha 1 stress test for Ashes went live. The stress test will include a limited number of testers, which will increase each week. The first week only has about 450 testers (but this may be increased), the second will increase that to over 2000 testers, and finally...
  8. Ashes of Creation Roadmap for Alpha Testing []

    Ashes of Creation Roadmap for Alpha Testing []

    A nice looking overview of the Alpha testing for Ashes of Creation. Alpha 1, Phase 1 + 2 and Alpha 2. Courtesy of our friends at
  9. Tex

    PAX West 2018 Panel Recap - Lots of Alpha 1 info and gameplay video! Alpha 1 Phase 1 will feature 3 battlegrounds!

    Main headlines Over 100 people are working on the game right now in their developer team, and this is expected to grow to 200 people before the end of this year. New gameplay video showcasing the new action combat system Castle siege mode is shown Horde mode - city siege is shown Alpha 1...
  10. Ashes Of Creation - Alpha One Gameplay

    Ashes Of Creation - Alpha One Gameplay

    Alpha One starts this month! This phase of alpha one is all about arena and action combat.
  11. Ashes Of Creation Alpha 1 Combat Preview

    Ashes Of Creation Alpha 1 Combat Preview

    Ashes Of Creation Alpha 1 Combat Preview
  12. Tex

    Alpha 1 Phase 1 coming next month - Phase 2 planned for early Q2 2019

    Finally we got the newsletter from Intrepid, which provided us with some great information. The biggest news is that Alpha 1 phase 1 is confirmed starting week 3 of September! Phase 2 is planned for early Q2 2019. As announced previously, Alpha 1 sales in the store is closing soon. They have...
  13. Here's what's in the Ashes of Creation Alpha One Environment Preview

    Here's what's in the Ashes of Creation Alpha One Environment Preview

    We break down the latest official Ashes of Creation video. What are we seeing and what does it mean for Ashes of Creation?
  14. Tex

    Preview of environments for Alpha 1 - Livestream July 9th with questions and answers

    Intrepid Studios was back with another livestream yesterday, giving us some new info on what they are working on, answering questions from the community, talking about Stevens birthday, baconfirmedTM (patent pending) and more. Also, what's a livestream from Intrepid without some mic static and...
  15. Tex

    Intrepid Studios strengthens their developer team - Alpha 1 still on schedule for Q4 2018 launch

    Today Intrepid Studios released a press release, where they now claim to be "one of the largest MMOs in production. Quite a feat! There has been lots of new hires lately (and more to come), some of which are previous Daybreak developers. The list includes senior programmers, engineers, artists...