1. Tex

    Official AoC website has been updated - A quick look at the Intrepid and mycom AoC websites

    Intrepid recently updated their official website, featuring a new shop, account functionality, download options for APOC and more. Their old website was sorely lacking in both functionality and aesthetics, being a combination of several "themes" as they had updated the website a little by...
  2. Ashes of Creation - August 17th, 2018 2PM PDT LIVE STREAM

    Ashes of Creation - August 17th, 2018 2PM PDT LIVE STREAM

    Their latest stream with action combat reveal!
  3. Tex

    The August store update, and PAX West 2018 cosmetics, are now live in their store!

    We had to wait a few extra weeks for this update, but looks like it was worth the wait. What is new for this month is that the Intrepid pack no longer includes Alpha 1 access, and thus the price has been reduced from 500 USD to 375 USD. In addition, you no longer gain entries to Alpha 0 raffle...
  4. Tex

    Post your questions now for the official livestream, which airs on August 17th

    It's this time of the month again! Post your questions for the official AoC livestream, which is going live on August 17th at 21.00 GMT. And don't forget that we get to see some live action combat footage...