1. Kirby

    March 29th Stream Recap - Nodes Information!

    Stream Highlights: Game Developer's Conference 2019 went well for Intrepid. Intrepid have hired 18 new personnel in 2019 and are looking to hire 17 more. More information on Node types and Governments in upcoming blogs. First part of Developer Diaries - Nodes released. Community contests are...
  2. Tex

    Creative Director's letter will be released on March 7 and State of the Game Live Stream on March 8

    Intrepid just announced that the long-awaited Creative Director's Letter from Steven Sharif, will be released on Thursday March 7th. This letter will cover Intrepid Studios new hires, the state of the game, and what is planned for the future along with details on the content release plan...
  3. Kirby

    Castle siege Info + January 11th Stream Recap

    Special Announcements: Margaret Krohn is the new Community Marketing Lead for Ashes of Creation. Margaret will focus on the larger tasks, such as marketing, press team involvement, community management, content creator program etc. There will be a Senior Community Manager to handle the...
  4. Tex

    Open beta weekend for Ashes of Creation Apocalypse and Intrepid live-stream details!

    This weekend, the Ashes of Creation Apocalypse mode, will be open for all registered users to download and play! The test will go live Friday, January 11 at 17.00 UTC (09.00 PT) and will last until Sunday, January 13 at 06.00 UTC (22.00 PT). Download the latest launcher now Apocalypse is a...
  5. Kirby

    December 13th Stream Recap

    Special Features: A look at the Node UI window. A glimpse of the Fishing NPC's and UI. A short look at a Caravan quest. Information on how the Stock Market will work. You can find the entire stream below: MMORPG Footage Breakdown below: We see the devs spawn into what is a level 5 City...
  6. Ashes Of Creation - Livestream - 12/13/18

    Ashes Of Creation - Livestream - 12/13/18

    Ashes Of Creation - Livestream - 12/13/18 #aoc #ashes #ashesofcreation
  7. Ashes of Creation Dev Stream Recap - Apocalypse Free to Play

    Ashes of Creation Dev Stream Recap - Apocalypse Free to Play

    A 5 minute recap of the December 6th official live stream. Ashes of Creation official website to sign up for free:
  8. Ashes Of Creation - Livestream - Halloween 2018

    Ashes Of Creation - Livestream - Halloween 2018

    Ashes Of Creation - Livestream - Halloween 2018 Like! Subscribe! Share! #aoc #ashesofreation #livestream
  9. squeetee

    Twitch Livestream Recap - 9/27/18

    Main Headlines Stress test planned to continue until October 5 NDA planned to lift October 5 Next test dates Friday 9/28 to Sunday 9/30. Battle Royale Notes Battle royale mode is loosely built into the lore of Ashes of Creation Events of the mode take place during the mass exodus from Verra...
  10. Ashes of Creation - August 17th, 2018 2PM PDT LIVE STREAM

    Ashes of Creation - August 17th, 2018 2PM PDT LIVE STREAM

    Their latest stream with action combat reveal!
  11. Tex

    Post your questions now for the official livestream, which airs on August 17th

    It's this time of the month again! Post your questions for the official AoC livestream, which is going live on August 17th at 21.00 GMT. And don't forget that we get to see some live action combat footage...
  12. Tex

    Alpha 1 Phase 1 coming next month - Phase 2 planned for early Q2 2019

    Finally we got the newsletter from Intrepid, which provided us with some great information. The biggest news is that Alpha 1 phase 1 is confirmed starting week 3 of September! Phase 2 is planned for early Q2 2019. As announced previously, Alpha 1 sales in the store is closing soon. They have...
  13. Tex

    Preview of environments for Alpha 1 - Livestream July 9th with questions and answers

    Intrepid Studios was back with another livestream yesterday, giving us some new info on what they are working on, answering questions from the community, talking about Stevens birthday, baconfirmedTM (patent pending) and more. Also, what's a livestream from Intrepid without some mic static and...
  14. Ashes of Creation - June 4th live stream

    Ashes of Creation - June 4th live stream

  15. Tex

    First look at PvP castle sieges in Ashes of Creation!

    The Intrepid team is working hard to bring us Alpha 1 later this year, which will focus on some large PvP elements such as castle sieges. So to our big surprise, Steven just finished a playtest in Alpha 0 during the first part of the stream (so the playtest was why the stream was delayed 1...
  16. Tex

    Ashes of Creation live stream today at 3 PM PST - Make sure to post your questions!

    There will be another official live stream from the guys at Intrepid Studios, tonight at 3 PM PST. If you have a burning question that needs answering, make sure to post in in the Q&A thread over at the official forum. They usually pick around 10 questions to answer live on-stream. Normal...
  17. Tex

    First raid PvE video released from Alpha 0! May 4th livestream breakdown and Q&A section

    What a great livestream last night! The stream, which lasted for about 1 hour, featured Steven, Jeffrey and Bacon. We first got a brief introduction, where they talked about bacon stuff (of course!), their Kickstarter office bet (Tristan cheated!) and how their team has increased from 30 to 70...