A guild castle region is 1/5th of the game world! Guild castle info provided by Steven today 6/2!

Today Steven dropped some big confirmations about guild castles!

From Discord:

Jahlon: Do Castles influence the region around them? Or just the 3 nodes attached to the castle?

Steven: The region around them.

Ruby: Castle nodes exist outside of the traditional node system. Which parts are they excluded from?
Steven: Many systems, citizenship, zones of influence, freehold system, govt, societies.

Ruby: Caravans?
Steven: They can receive and launch caravans.

Ruby: Quests and tasks?
Steven: There are quests that are available in the castle nodes.

Jahlon: No freeholds on the 3 nodes attached to the castle?

About taxes and its influence range:
Steven: Node taxes apply to the node itself and their freeholds. Castles impose a tax on all revenue for the nodes within its region.

Tree: But those nodes for the castle cant become a metro right?
Steven: A castle will collect taxes on all nodes within its region, a castles region is 1/5th the game world.

A metro’s zone of influence is also 1/5th the game world.

Tree: So a castle can have a metro beside it?

Steven: Correct.

Amount of castles in the game world:
Steven: There are only 5 castles

Freezman: It used to be said that castles have 3 nodes next to it, so we always assumed that's as big as its influence goes?
Steven: The 3 castle nodes are primarily meant for establishing the castles abilities particularly during sieges.

(Tex: See above about his quote regarding tax collection from all nodes within its region, which is 1/5th of the game world!)

Ruby: Outside of taxes, is there more power a Castle has over its region?
Steven: Yes, crop yields, resources and events.

Viiri: Regarding castle and node influence and their differences:
Steven: A castles control is exerted through the term “region” and a node’s control is through its ZOI (Zone of Influence). They overlap.

Jahlon: Castles = Static Boundaries? Nodes = Flexible and Fluid ?
Steven: Yes the castles region boundaries are static.
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4 March 2018
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