A look at Crafting in Ashes of Creation

Hello there, Ziltch here and today I will be talking about crafting/artisanship, but first, let’s go over the basics.
(Every Profession’s link either redirects to the Wiki, or redirects to Intrepid Video)

In Ashes of Creation, Artisans are divided into three different categories.
Gathering is the Professions that involve gathering of resources.
Known Gathering Professions:
Processing is the Professions that involve the processing of the gathered raw materials.
Known Processing Professions:
  • Smelter
  • Sawyer (I think this will be a Profession based on what is said in that link)
  • Animal Husbandry
    • Sub-Profession: Livestock
    • Sub-Profession: Breeder
  • Miller (I think this will be a Profession based on what is said in that link)
Crafting is the Professions involved with crafting goods and items.
Known Crafting Professions:
As you’ve noticed some Professions like Animal Husbandry has sub-professions, this is because Crafting will have a Skill Tree. This skill tree will most likely be branching out, with some of the Professions having sub-sections one can specialize into, this opens up for variations between what crafters are efficient in, even if they have the same professions.
This also means that only those that fully specialize into something can actually be called a Master in their field.
For instance, a person who Specializes in Smithing, he might specialize in weaponsmithing instead of armorsmithing, and within there again, he might specialize in swordsmithing instead of axes, daggers, tools etc.
Artisan Professions will also have skills related to the Artisan Professions.

Now, one interesting thing about the Ashes of Creation gathering system, is that what can be gathered, will have no indicators, making one have to learn to recognize what can be harvested.

On the topic of the gathering system, I want to point out two things for Gathering Professions which I like in Ashes of Creation.

First of all, they have said that even low level gatherables will be useful in higher tier crafting, which is good because that makes it less likely for the market to be flooded with not so useful materials at later times. They also mentioned how low level items might have like a “higher” version of itself which you need a certain amount of the lower tier item to craft.

The other thing I want to bring up is Resource Extractors, but before I go into them I have to explain a bit about how some Resources will work in Ashes of Creation. In this example I will talk about mining.

In most other games you find these small nodes, for instance a rock here and there which you can gather. This will not be the case for Ashes of Creation, instead their resources will feel more like an actual mine. It will be a big deposit which will take time to harvest completely.
Another thing is that, when a resource spot has been harvested dry. It might not necessarily respawn in the same location, it can respawn in a completely different location. So camping resources will not be possible in Ashes of Creation.

The lucky explorer who comes over this, can monopolize this respawned resource until others also find it.
However, tread carefully. They have also mentioned how some monsters might pretend to be resources, and how other resources might be defended by Monsters.

Now with that out of the way! Let’s talk Resource Extractors.
Resource Extractors are constructions you can possibly make which will gather materials over time.
Personally, I like it more when you have to manually gather materials, but I can understand the point of view that Gatherers like we know them, does not feel like they have as big an impact as the other professions. Also, the fact that you have to construct a Resource Extractors, as well as transport the materials from that Extractor, to somewhere else with a Caravan makes it quite interesting.

You will need Artisan Stations for most of your Artisan work, requiring you to either be in a Node which has these Stations, or you will have use them on a Freehold, either through borrowing a friend’s stations or, if you have built them on your Freehold, your own.

You will also need Artisan Tools for your work, and as you progress into higher Tiers within your Artisan Profession, you will need higher Tier tools for you work.

Another thing is that the crafting system in Ashes will have a bit of customization to it, not in aesthetics but in stats of end product. They have mentioned how there will be a system in place that lets you alter the stats of the end product.
However, you will be sacrificing another stat for it. So you can view it as customizable stat sliders. And your ability with these sliders will increase and/or expand the more you specialize in something.

I won’t go full in depth with Recipes but here is a general overview over where you can get them:
  • Recipes can Drop
  • Reward from Quests
  • Recipes from your Societal status, Ex: being the Mayor etc
  • Social Organization Society might unlock Recipes
  • Titles might gives recipes
  • Freehold building combination might unlock certain recipes for the buildings
  • Religious devotion can grant you “Holy” recipes based on your status
There is another one not on the list, Salvaging/Deconstructing.
Salvaging/Deconstructing gives you a chance to learn how to make said gear.
If said gear is a Legendary Item, you will however not learn how to craft the Legendary Item, you will instead learn how to make the Epic (Highest Tier besides Legendary) version of the item.
Salvaging/Deconstructing is also necessary as there are some crafting components you can only get from salvaging/deconstructing gear.
Now, first of all, while you cannot craft Legendary items, crafters are still able to craft Top Tier Gear which will be equal to, if not better, drops from High-End Raids. However, there is an exception to this, and that is the Relic System.

Another thing on that list is “Freehold buildings”.
Freehold Buildings have Progression, they can level up and when they do, they offer new possibilities and recipes.

Another big aspect of Ashes that I won’t go into now is Caravans. Caravans are very important as there is no other methods of moving Goods around fast. Crafters again can make Caravan Components that can boost some of the Caravan’s stats, increasing the chances a Caravan has to survive the trip.

Now for some good and some bad news.

The good news is that Crafters will also be useful later in game because Items and Gear will require repair over time. Artisans are also needed to craft Declaration Flags (of War). And of course, dyes will be craftable.

The bad news is that you unfortunately cannot just craft, they have said that there might be certain tasks in crafting you have to be at a certain Level to complete.

Now for my speculations over Professions
First let me show you a diagram over my speculations:

pasted image 0 (1).png

Now, they have mentioned there will be cloth and leather armor, so we also need Processor and Gatherer Professions for these.

For Leather
Leather comes from skinned animals, so a Skinner is needed.
Skins again needs to be treated first, so a Tanner is needed.
Skinner → Tanner → Leatherworker

For Cloth
Cloths are weaved, so a weaver is needed.
A weaver again, weaves fabrics from fiber (plants) or suitable animal hairs (wool etc)
Forager (fiber plants) → Weaver → Tailor
I also think that Forager will gather some simple food stuffs which Cooking might need.

Wood needs to come from somewhere so a Woodcutter/Lumberjack seems like a good assumption, especially when you take this link into consideration. Although it could also be part of the same Profession Tree as a Forager.
Woodcutter → Sawyer (Lumberyard)
A Sawyer again also needs a Crafting Profession, and we know one can craft Furniture in the game, so a Carpenter seems like a good assumption here.
Bows also use wood, same does instruments, so a Bow Maker also seems fitting.
(I was thinking Fletcher, but this refers to a arrow maker, so I did not find it to fit well. And they have stated that Bows and Crossbows, will not be using ammunition)

Another thing is Ships, they would require a Engineer/Shipwright to be crafted in my opinion.

We also know there is Mining, and it wouldn’t make sense for all furniture to be made of wood, imagine a mountain Dwarf with wood furniture. So. a Stonemason (processor) and a Carver (crafter) also seems like they might appear.
Also, since there is Mining and Jewelry Crafting, I think a Jewelcutter processor will also exist.

A Butcher might also be a thing considering we’d need to process the animal materials, thought this might be part of the Animal Husbandry Profession like Breeding is.

We know there will be a Tattoo system, an Alchemy system and an Enchanting system, so I find it highly likely that there will be a Profession called “Distiller”. Which basically processes fish, herbs and other materials into compounds for those three crafting professions.

And now, weapons.
There are four weapons that I want to talk a bit about in regards to crafting, these are:
  • Spellbook
  • Wands
  • Orbs
  • Potion Launcher
Spellbooks will need paper, where this paper comes from I am not sure. It might be the Sawyer, the Miller or somewhere else.
Wands will most likely just need woods and compounds to make, maybe some raw materials like gems or monster parts.
Orbs seem like they are made from either a glass like substance or a cut stone of some kind,
this again leads me to believe that jewelcutter or stonemason may be professions in Ashes of Creation.
And finally, Potion Launchers.

Now I think we all believe that the ammunition for this weapon will come from Alchemists. Sadly this will not be the case, it would be fun to make special ammo for it with alchemist thought, a lost opportunity.
However since Bows and Crossbows will not be using ammunition, it is likely that it will not require ammunitions.
I just wanted to mention this weapon because I find the idea intriguing as I have never seen it used before and it makes sense for there to be something like this.
I at least know what weapon I will be using for my mad Alchemist!

If you think Ashes of Creation is interesting and you have not joined up before, here's he link to their site!
First link is normal, while 2nd link is my reference link, explanation below.

Now, if you sign up with me as your reference, I will earn 15% of whatever you spend on Ashes of Creation.
Be it subscription cost or Cash Shop items.
If that sounds okay with you, good! If not that's also fine!
It's your choice whether you want to or not, but check this game out if this sounds interesting!
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