Alpha 1 announced for early Q4 2018 - Ashes of Creation PAX Panel details

Yesterday Intrepid Studio hosted a panel at PAX East, where they talked about a lot of things, from how unique and big of a project this is, to how they work together as a team. A lot of background talk and their thought process behind making the game. It's very interesting to watch, so I recommend checking it out.

However, the biggest news was that Alpha 1 is planned for early Q4 2018, and that it will be divided in two phases. The first phase will focus on their arena modes, castle sieges, city sieges, large player battles, raids and guild fights. So it is going to be very exciting to finally get a closer look at all the PvP and large scale content!

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There was also a QA session where people from the audience could ask Intrepid. Did anyone say nodes part 3?

Here are a few of those questions:

When can we expect nodes part 3?

*A lot of laugh in the crowd and among the panelists.*
So, nodes part 3. Actually one of our team members is currently not with us here at PAX, and his name is Trystan Snodgrass (Senior Environment Artist). He's currently back at the studio working on nodes part 3. So SoonTM.

How do you intend to keep the community incentive, from somebody that just started playing the game vs someone that has been in end game or late game for weeks?

That's a great question. It is often, from my experience a problem that a lot of MMOs have, that the starting areas become just vacant of players. It is so sad, because the greatest aspect of an MMO is that community you get to experience. So one of the great things about the node system is that it really works from a new players acquisition standpoint, where these nodes tend to develop larger near the starting location areas around the world, and it brings these players back to the locations if they are citizens in one. So as new players enter the world they are actually going to be surrounded by more players, because people are coming back to those larger nodes. In addition we have certain systems that in a way serves as a mentorship program, where players are going to benefit by parting and helping certain lower level players, and getting them situated in the game.

Part of the whole experience with the nodes, is there is no real end game in that they world is constantly shifting every day. Month 1 is going to be really different from month 2 for the level 50s and level 1s. So that sense of what's new, is going to be the case for any new player that comes. They are going to be able to participate in these systems and making a difference from day 1. So I mean, it's going to be a different MMO so, you are not going to feel the same way as level 1.

There was a lot of questions, to watch them all check out the whole panel video here:
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Lord Ashes
15 January 2018
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I really look forward to the Node 3 blog. Housing and cities was probably one of my favorite features of SWG for me.
I feel you. I am so looking forward to nodes 3! I just love the whole node and housing mechanics in Ashes. It was the biggest selling point for me personally.

Also I'm going to get filthy rich on buying and selling properties :love:

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