Alpha 1 Phase 1 coming next month - Phase 2 planned for early Q2 2019

Finally we got the newsletter from Intrepid, which provided us with some great information. The biggest news is that Alpha 1 phase 1 is confirmed starting week 3 of September! Phase 2 is planned for early Q2 2019.

As announced previously, Alpha 1 sales in the store is closing soon. They have currently over 8500 participants so far, of the cap of 10 000 participants. The last day for Alpha One pre-order packs ends on August 15th, which is also the day the pre-order cosmetics updates on all the packs. So if you want to upgrade your pack to get Alpha 1 access, this is the time.

Phase 1 of Alpha 1, coming in the 3rd week of September, will be focusing on action combat and PvP related mechanics in the game. Testing action, siege systems, adaptive AI in the horde mode and more.
Confirmed so far:
  • Open World battlegrounds
  • Castle Sieges (Guild vs Guild)
  • City Defense "Horde Mode".
More info to be announced at their PAX Panel next month.

Phase 2 of Alpha 1, coming in early Q2 2019, will be the hybrid combat testing of action/tab skills that you can customize through your class skill tree. As well as other features more of the traditional alpha testing phase that you might be familiar with from previous games, with level progression, testing classes, crafting etc.

  • Progression to level 20
  • 4 Playable races
  • Character Customization Suite
  • 8 base archetypes
  • Portions of our housing systems
  • Portions of our crafting/Artisan systems
  • Node Progression to Stage 4
  • 120sqkm of world map
  • Questing and Society/Guild Systems
There will be 2 servers during this phase. There is no news yet on if one of them is in the EU. Also, if you have access to reserving your name, that starts during Phase 2 of Alpha 1.

PAX Panel, live stream and Intrepid Studios continuing to expand!
They started off by teasing "announcements planned" for their PAX panel on September 1st, which will be broadcasted live on Twitch at 17:30 GMT. The server names will be announced during the PAX panel, which is pretty cool. PAX West runs from August 31st to September 3rd, in Seattle. You can check out more info here:

For the live stream, as previously announced, it will be on August 17th at 21.00 GMT. It will provide the first glimpse of the new combat system that will be featured in Alpha 1. So you don't want to miss out on that one!

Intrepid keeps building their team of developers, having passed 100 developers on the project recently. They are hiring 21 new positions, which will be announced this month at the Intrepid Studios website. We do know that the position as Community Manager is their top priority going towards Alpha 1, as confirmed by Steven recently.


Mother of Yatas
Legend Premium
3 February 2018
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AoC Class
Hyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyype - Really looking forward to it and playing with you guys!


Lord Ashes
15 January 2018
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AoC Class
So pumped to stream A1. I should also be able to join the Pre-Alpha1 phase as well :)
Yeah it is going to be a blast! Can't wait to try the alpha, and watching everyone go nuts with streaming, talking and sharing information about all the new stuff we are learning.. :)

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