Alpha 1 preparation: Media of the month contest and Improved media section!

In preparation to the coming Alpha 1 start, and NDA lift, in mid-September, we are introducing:

Media of the month contest!

Every month, users can vote on their favorite media (image/video, anything in the media section). Was it a cool picture of a massive city sige? Rare cosmetics? Anyone can vote, and anyone can upload their own candidates. The first contest will start when Alpha 1 starts! :)

The winner will get a cool MOTM ribbon above their avatar. :)

As a bonus, the winner of the first contest will also get a free 3-month premium membership. Later winners may also get some cool free stuff, though this can vary from month to month.

The MOTM vote button, which can be found inside most of the categories in the media section.

Improved media section

  • We've added a lot more categories, to make it easier to browse exactly what you are looking for.
Anything else you would like to see? Let us now!
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