AoC Gamescom 2018 Stream Highlights

Special Announcements:
  • Over 500,000 players are registered on the site with Alpha 1 beginning in September.
  • Public Roadmap of the game's development to be unveiled at PAX west.
Player Choice playing a key role:
Steven and Jeffrey insisted on player choice, the goal being to offer various choices to the player (in regards to crafting, exploring, etc.). As such, they hope to steer away from standard progression paths by implementing the following methods:
  • Diversified progression paths.
  • Advancing the economy of the world.
  • Contributing to a node as a citizen.
  • Focusing on your interests within your freehold.
Everything contributes to the development of the world, resulting in each server being different.

Games that AoC draws inspiration from:
When asked regarding games that AoC derived inspiration from, Steven shared the following points:
  • EVE Online - Economy
  • Archeage - Building, Trade routes and Naval Combat
  • Lineage II - Castle sieging & Guild systems
  • Star wars galaxies - Crafting
The importance of the Alpha/Beta testing phases:
Steven began by stating that action combat was the primary focus of the Alpha 1 testing phase. PvE and Node development will be focused on during Alpha 1 Phase 2. Steven then went on to discuss their process of transparent development, the benefits of such a system providing players with a way to help construct the future of the game. Skills are being designed for both types of combat (Action and Tab), with heavy focus on testing projectile based systems to ensure that they work well. The goal is, that when combined, there are equitables and balance is met between the two types of combat. This topic was wrapped up by Jeffrey stating that it was essential to get the systems right so that players find the game enjoyable. Further, Steven stated as of 25th August 2018, the goal is to still launch before 2020.

As we neared the end of the stream, Steven and Jeffrey discussed the negatives of Pay-to-Win by stating that developers that choose to do so, undermine player effort, stating that a marketplace (Cash shop) that interfere with a games mechanics are unhealthy for the game's lifespan. Finally, they once again ensured viewers of their stance against No Pay to Win.

You can find the stream below:
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