Ashes of Creation Alpha 1 stress started today - NDA still active

Last night at ~0300 CEST, the Alpha 1 stress test for Ashes went live. The stress test will include a limited number of testers, which will increase each week. The first week only has about 450 testers (but this may be increased), the second will increase that to over 2000 testers, and finally 5000 testers for week 3. The point of this stress test is to test their server backend, login-system, matchmaking, etc. All those underlying mechanics that need to be working properly before they open the gates for all those with Alpha 1 access.
The participants are chosen from Kickstarter backers, then summer backers, and finally the pre-order pack backers. If you are not selected in these weeks, don't be alarmed: After about 3 weeks of stress testing, Alpha 1 will be open to all those with access to that phase.

NDA is still active folks, hold your streaming horses!

As for NDA, Steven confirmed on Discord yesterday that there is still an active "visual NDA". This means that you may share your experiences from Alpha 1, but cannot share anything visual, such as images, videos, stream, record etc. This is likely to last until next week, so we will keep you posted when the NDA finally drops.

I saw some people rage on Discord over this, but I don't think this is a big deal at all.. Remember that Alpha 1 is earlier than anticipated, we weren't expecting Alpha 1 until October at the earliest (Q4). So you are still getting NDA free Alpha 1 in that time! The second point is that, well, it's one week. We have waited years, we can live another week.
As a huge bonus to the fans, they are even going to open up the battlegrounds to everyone! So kudos to Intrepid for how they are handling all of this.

The above road-map is taken from our friends at - The premier Ashes of Creation wiki.
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2 September 2018
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Thanks for keeping us updated! Steven just announced today that they ended up increasing the number of invitations for the stress test last night!
Keep checking your emails Alpha people!


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