Ashes of Creation Apocalypse announced! 31/10 full stream recap

Main headlines
  • First Alpha 1 Phase 2 gameplay shown. Phase 2 is planned to start in March-April 2019.
    • Phase 2 will be the traditional MMO experience, with progression, node system, open world etc. More info on what is included in this phase, can be found here.
  • Alpha 1 Phase 1 is renamed Ashes of Creation Apocalypse. Will feature the battle royale, castle siege, and horde mode. Will be a free to play side-arena, playable by everyone.
  • October cosmetics showcased.
  • New website coming soon[SUP]TM[/SUP].
Alpha 1 Phase 2 gameplay. This is with medium graphic setttings, but already looking extremely good!

Alpha 1 Phase 2 gameplay

We were shown a short gameplay video from their early internal testing build for Phase 2. It is functional, but very bare-bones. UI, skill effects etc, all work in progress obviously.
  • Dynamic weather system.
    • During the video it was raining, and Steven confirmed that the weather will have various effects in the game world. Rain puddles will form, bosses may react to the weather by getting out of their traditional area etc.
    • Day/night cycle.
  • Hybrid combat system, with tab targeting, is added. During the video, we saw one of the party members having his sword swings action based, while his other skills were tab based. They are working hard to make it function properly together.
  • Everything is built around the node system. The video showcased a stage 3 node (village). The appearance of the node will vary greatly, even nodes as the same stage. There are several mechanics that will alter the look of your node, such as node type, node race, location etc.
  • Showcased an example on how the nodes interact with the world around: Once the node reached stage 3, the cemetery was taken over by some enemy mobs. You would then be able to pick up a quest to help clear that area.
  • Skill effects will be toned down for Alpha 1 Phase 2, so they will not be as bright and flashy as they are now. You'll also be able to customize those effects.
Rain and fog. Dynamic weather at display.

Ashes of Creation Apocalypse

Alpha 1 Phase 1 is renamed Ashes of Creation Apocalypse. It will feature the battle royale, castle siege, and horde mode. This is a free-to-play, side-arena, playable by everyone. Intrepid wants to get as many people in as possible, to help test the servers and provide important feedback. This is a separate project, but the testing done here is greatly beneficial for the main game. See of it as a chance to get immersed in the art, character creation, lore etc.
  • Alpha 1 backers will still have their exclusive early test access (previously said to be around 1 month) on each mode.
  • There will be servers for OCE, in addition to the previously announced EU and NA (several locations, eg. NA West/NA East) servers.
  • 24/7 servers coming very soon, about 2-4 weeks from now.
  • Lore wise, this is before the fall of Verra. Players are attempting to escape, and some unlucky ones are unable to get away. They are left fighting to survive (battle royale), trying to defend their last safe castles (city siege), and ultimately the last stand against the forces of corruption takes place in horde mode.
  • By playing in Ashes of Creation Apocalypse, you'll be able to earn cosmetics, costumes, mounts, housing, furniture and weapon variants.
    • You'll be able to have a freehold in this mode, which will be transferable to the AoC main game.
  • Progress, quests, characters, achievements and awards, will be transferable to the AoC main game.
Cemetery quest for Halloween stream? Nice one Steven.

New cosmetics showcased

  • Released on november 2nd.
  • Even though the game world won't mirror real world holidays (such as Halloween), they will still be drawing inspiration and be related to the season.
Other news
  • New website in progress!
    • Improved account services.
    • New blogs coming.
    • Steven: Nodes 3 coming soonTM as well!
  • Good test results from the battle royale, making nice progress. Lots of bug fixing and optimizations. During the last 100 player test they were able to, after some amazing efforts by the engineers, to improve the server-side frame-rate to about 45. (above 20 is good) This is great in preparation for the city sieges, as the player density is much higher, due to the smaller playing area.
  • The first phase of Alpha 1 (now named AoC Apocalypse) is vital before moving forward with Phase 2, in ironing out critical bugs, backend optimization etc.
  • The end of the video contained a fun part where Steven went around in the office with a camera. Showcasing the staff and their cool Halloween costumes, asking about what they are working on, etc. It was a very enjoyable watch, so it's recommended to check it out in the video bellow. It lasts for about 20 minutes, from 1.12 to 1.30 of the stream.
  • Haunted Halloween Event Winners
    • Check out all the cool entries, and the winners, at the official forum.
Q&A session

Q: Any chance we can see the missing art from the Kickstarter campaign, for the Phoenix Aura and the Pioneers Cloak?
Steven: We will be working on those missing concept pieces.

Q Will there some new wallpapers? Perhaps animated wallpapers?
Jeff: I love animated wallpapers.
Steven: I think in the launch of our new site, we may have a animated wallpaper we could potentially do.
Jeff: It takes resources away from the game though. We are doing as much as we can.

Q: Are mounts, mules and combat pets under the flagging system? Will someone with a combat pet be flagged, or is this a potential loop-hole to attack someone without being flagged?
Steven: Anything you control, if it attacks another player, then both you and your pet will be flagged.

Q: Please elaborate on large scale PvE content. Is it going to be raids, raid bosses, open world?
Steven: Yes to both, you can find more information on the wiki.

Q: Where is the sandal?
Jeff: *laughs*. It is out there.
Steven: There is actually a sandal out there. There will be prizes and achievements for those who find it.

Q: How will you make the melee combat different, compared to the current flailing of the weapons? Have melee animations changed?
Steven: Obviously, animations are work in progress. We have gotten lots of valuable feedback. Some of the follow-troughs felt a little floaty for example, so we are adjusting that. The hit scan related to melee combat, has also been adjusted. This is the purpose of the AoC Apocalypse mode, getting that critical feedback.
Jeff: We are still doing the asset side of things. It takes a while getting everything in place, where it should be.

Q: Can we name ships? If so, will the name appear on the side of the ship?
Steven: When you select a ship, you'll be able to see the name above that ship. So yes.
You will also be able to name mounts, mules, buildings etc.

Q: When selecting cleric as a secondary class, will you be able to chose between light and dark augments?
Steven: Yes you can chose between light and dark augments, and it will affect your main class abilities.

Q: Will there be a logo editor before launch? As guild logos will be made in-game.
Steven: Probably ready for Alpha 2, as that is when some of the guild systems are coming online.

Q: Are combat pets available for artisan classes?
Steven: The artisan class doesn't relate to your adventuring class, and combat pets are more of an agnostic to class acquisition. A pet that you raise up, that has combat abilities.

Q: Is parkour movement still a thing in Ashes?
Jeff: It is a very time consuming process to add something like that to the game. I love the feeling of my character being an acrobat though. We will approach that as much as we can do, and it will be in the later stages. Making movement feel cool.

Q: Bards?
Jeff: There are bards.

Q: Are you concerned that AoC Apocalypse will take away players from the MMORPG main game?
Steven: No. AoC Apocalypse is just an action based combat arena. Combat all the time, and not all MMO players are arena players. This is mainly for testing, as all of those things goes to fuel the MMORPG.

Q: Example of some of the buildings that will be different, for the specific nodes?
Steven: As nodes advance in stages (starting primarily from stage 3), they unlock different specific node-type buildings. So for example military will unlock barracks. There you can train, gain quests that relate to combat, guild warfare, participation in castle siege, etc. Same for university in a scientific node, marketplace in economic node. New blogs on this coming soon.

Q: How in-depth will sailing be? Do you need a crew?
Steven: Pretty in-depth. It is based on the size of the ship that you use, so certain ships will require other players to operate it to the best of its abilities.

Q: Will it be viable to use a single 1-hand weapon?
Steven: Dual wielding will have certain benefits, such as certain skills and abilities, by allocating points. So I guess if you do not do that, you could use those points elsewhere.
Jeff: If it is not a shield, we'd assume you'd have something else in your offhand. So we haven't really approached it in that way.

Q: Is the before 2020 release still likely?
Steven: Yes. The betas that we intend to have will not be months long.
Jeff: The game will be pretty much done at beta stage. The betas should be short and sweet.
Steven: We will NOT release Ashes of Creation before it reaches our quality standards. If it for a reason needs more time (quality control, bugs etc, not feature creep), you will be the first to know. Rest assured that the game will be at a stage where we can be proud of it, when it launches.
Jeff: Yes we are on schedule, maybe even ahead. Game design is chaotic, so something can happen of course. But looks good right now.

Full stream video

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Awesome stuff Tex!! Clear, concise and informative. Glad you also transcribed the Q&A.
Thank you :)
Also, even though it wasn't as big news as the gameplay and APOC announcement, I'm super excited to see their new website! About time :hug:


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Thank you :smile:
Also, even though it wasn't as big news as the gameplay and APOC announcement, I'm super excited to see their new website! About time :hug:
They seriously need a new site. I only go there to buy off the store quick lol.
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