Ashes of Creation enters Alpha 1 Phase 1 - NDA lifted!

Rejoice dear ashlings, Ashes of Creation has now officially entered Alpha 1 Phase 1, and with that the NDA has been completely lifted. This also means that all Alpha 1 backers have been invited to test the battle royale combat mode (~ 10 000). In addition, all Alpha 2 backers have been invited for this weekend test as well. In the coming weeks they will also be inviting beta backers, all Alpha 0 backers, and eventually all registered users on the Ashes of Creation website.

Steven Sharif said:
We are happy to announce the testing is going very well and we are collecting a lot of useful data. Everyone at Intrepid cannot thank our Glorious community enough for their help in making mmos great... once more."
Everyone who is eligible should have received their mail yesterday/today with access code and download link.

You should also go ahead and check out our stream section! When I'm writing this, Steven is currently live playing at one of the streams:

For all other streams currently live, check here:

At the end of December, Alpha 1 players will be able to test the new city siege mode exclusively for about a month, before access is opened up to the rest of the player-base. For more spesifics on the release phases, check here.

Currently known issues:
  • Character doesn’t load in lobby
  • Sounds aren’t playing on your character taking damage
  • Sounds aren’t playing on ranges misses near you
  • Lobby music not playing
  • Leave match on spectator not working
  • Random crashes
  • Download process may trigger a reboot
  • Some antivirus software's may flag the elevate.exe file
And finally, Steven shared this awesome image:

Happy testing everyone!

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