Ashes of Creation hands-on with IGN - New 15 min gameplay video!

Yesterday IGN released a hands-on article featuring Ashes of Creation. Over the course of about 2 hours, creative director Steven Sharif and lead designer Jeffrey Bard, guided their reporter through the wonderful world of AoC. Now who wouldn't want that job!

They talked a bit about the nodes, that most cities have to be grown by the players, through harvesting, monster slaughter, and economic trading with caravans. Also pointed out was that the size of the Underrealm, the network of beautiful caverns we were shown in the last trailer, was about the size of the world in Skyrim. Even more shocking, when completed, this area will still only account for about 1/30th of the total game world size!

"We’re much farther along than many other Kickstarter-funded projects at this phase," he says.

He was also quick to point out that the early quests of the classic formula of "kill x10 boars", are work in progress and probably won't be like that when launch arrives. The IGN reporter also got to try the mage class, and pointed out the combat felt surprisingly smooth, taking into account the alpha state. One really cool thing to note, which is again related to the development of the nodes, is that the instance they tested, was only visible because it was upgraded to village status. If it had still been only a collection of tents, the'd just found a big rock blocking where the entrance is supposed to be.

The dynamic world, because the cities will be ever changing (evolving city state, new buildings, sieges, etc), is one of the biggest features of getting AoC out of the traditional MMORPG route.

You can see their 15 minute gameplay video here:

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