Character Influences

Hello, this is Ziltch and today I will talk about that which will influence your character.


First of all, Race.
The different races have different base stats, so this will be one of the most important influences to your character as it decides the base values.
Race is also one of the stat growth variables.
Your choice in race is one of the things that decides how your stats will grow,
one race might get more Strength per level up compared to another which may grow agility much faster, to mention an example.

Your Race will also give you Augments to use on your skills, it’s kind of like this game’s take on racial abilities.

Another thing race will influence outside of your own character is the Nodes.
The race that has most contributed to a Node’s experience will influence it’s visual appearance. If Empyreans have contributed most experience to the Node, the Node will gain Empyrean architecture and design upon leveling up.

And lastly, your Race will decide the appearance of armors you wear.
They want racial culture to be a thing in Ashes, so they have locked armor appearance to races to make them distinct.

Primary Archetype
It goes without saying that your Primary Archetype choice will decide your role in combat.
It will also affect what Skill tree you have, as each Primary archetype has a different Skill set.
It also decides what sort of Utility use you will have as a player.
This will also decide a bit how you work with other players, as some skills might have combination/synergy effects with each other.

Now as you level up, you will receive Skill Points to invest into Skills to improve them further.
However, even at max level you will not have enough Skill Points to invest into every single skill you have. So your choices in Skill Investment will also affect you and your character.
Like your choice in Race, your choice in Primary Archetype is also one of the things that decides how your stats will grow.
It will also decide what armors and weapons you will have a preference towards because of said skills.

Secondary Archetype
Your secondary Archetype does not give you skills like your Primary does.
Instead, it gives you a lot of Augments to use on your Primary Skills to change their effects.

Your Secondary Archetype is also the 3rd thing that affect your Stat’s growth, adding another variable into the mix together with your Primary and Race.
Although your Secondary Archetype will only affect 30 levels as you gain it at level 20.

Social Organization
Social Organization is another thing that give you Augments to use on your Skills, about 3-4 different Augments per Organization.
Based on your progression in an Organization, the power granted to you by the organization might increase and you might receive special Titles, you will also be rewarded for progressing in an organization.

There are also some special cosmetics you can get which may grant bonuses depending on your social standing in that organization.

There are 6 Religions in the game.
Based on a Religion’s Progression in the system, it will give you Augments to use on your Skills.
These augments will reflect the nature of the religion you are a part of.

Guilds will be able to choose some (passive) skills, which, if you belong to said guild, will influence your character.
Higher abilities might also give Augments for your character.

I won’t bother to mention gear as that one is obvious, although I could mention the point on how Weapons will have their own Skill Tree which you can progress as you continue to use it.
Although it might seem like some of these do not affect much, I wouldn’t take them for granted yet. What seems small might have a larger impact that something that seems big.

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2 September 2018
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