Dec 6th Live-stream recap and QnA - APOC Open Beta on December 18th!

Special Announcements:
  • Open Beta announced for December 18th 2018! Available to all registered users.
  • European site for Ashes of Creation can be found here
  • Apocalypse will be monetized via a Legendary Pass. (A free version will also be available)
  • All Alpha 1 backers will receive lifetime membership of the 10$ legendary pass.
  • New livestreams showcasing MMORPG development next week and how BR assets are used in the MMORPG.

Apocalypse Monetization:
Players are now able to register for the Open Beta of the Ashes of Creation Apocalypse testing phase here
The apocalypse testing phase will include a monetization model known as a "Adventure Pass' similar to a Battle Pass which will let players complete various quests and achievements within the Apocalypse testing mode and all 3 of its phases to earn various cosmetics which will carry over into the final game (The MMORPG). Players will also be able to purchase a legendary version of this battle pass for 10$ to earn additional rewards. (Approximately 20 cosmetics can be earned by free users and 70+ by legendary pass owners).

Chapter 1 of Apocalypse - EXODUS:
Chapter 1 of Apocalypse or the first season is titled EXODUS - Which involves the players and their lore story of them leaving Verra to flee from the corruption. Each chapter will last roughly between 8-12 weeks (Currently 10 weeks) before the cycle/season changes with new rewards and a new Adventure pass. Additionally all Alpha 1 backers will be receiving lifetime legendary passes while Alpha 2, Beta 1 and Beta 2 backers will receive the first chapter 'EXODUS' for free in order to thank all the testers for their hard work.

An example of Apocalypse cosmetics:

And finally, after the stream ended, Steven Shariff the CEO of Intrepid studios hopped into the AoC discord to speak to the community and address the various concerns.A complete transcription of the Discord QnA with Steven can be found here thanks to Shaze.

And that about sums up the stream and all the major announcements! What are you looking forward to?

New December Cosmetics:

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