December 13th Stream Recap

Special Features:
  • A look at the Node UI window.
  • A glimpse of the Fishing NPC's and UI.
  • A short look at a Caravan quest.
  • Information on how the Stock Market will work.
You can find the entire stream below:

MMORPG Footage Breakdown below:

We see the devs spawn into what is a level 5 City Node, Elven themed, filled with NPC's and life.

In this detailed node window we see a bunch of systems that are working behind the scenes. We see a progression bar that shows us that this node is level 5 (City Stage) and is 1/4th of the way to becoming a Metropolis. We also see the total citizens of the node, the tax rate that is set by the mayor of the node (in this case Steven) and we got some information on the 'Trade Agreements' system. Trade agreements basically are agreements between two nodes that lets players do certain specific caravan runs between them. During the QnA Steven stated that there was currently no limit however there would be some kind of limitation placed eventually. Next we see Economic Health which refers to the monetary state of the node. If the economic health is too low due to low taxations or income, the node could potentially fall into Atrophy, which would cause it to be sieged by PvE monsters (Being tested in Apocalypse Horde mode) where failing to defend the node would cause it to de-level. Furthermore, we also see that the nodes are able to host NPC 'Troops' or guards of three types, regular troops, advanced troops and elite troops. We can probably assume that the Elite troops function similar to an elite boss, while the advanced troops work as elite mobs and regular troops like regular monsters. This adds a PvE element to the node sieges. We currently do not know if we'll be able to use these troops for both types of sieges (PvP and PvE). And finally we see freeholds fealty contribution which is possibly the tax that freehold owners have to pay towards the node. Based on all of this, we can say that the node leader/mayor will have to pay a lot of attention to detail to ensure that the node is maintained in a healthy state and that they ensure a proper inflow of gold to keep it from falling into Atrophy.

The most interesting bit however is that we see a section titled 'Alliances with'. So far we only knew about nodes being sieged, however knowing that nodes can ally one another definitely changes a lot of political scenarios within the game as now node leaders (that function as community leaders) will possibly have to maintain diplomatic relations so they can aid one another with the node alliance system.

The above is a screenshot of the wishing window through one of the NPC's. The most notable thing right off the bat is that it has a leaderboard for that node. In this image, we can see that 'Galience' is the 'Fisherman of the week'. So weekly fishing leaderboards are a thing with possible rewards. Next we see the fish featured as 'Catch of the week', this looks to be the fish quest to catch in that area for the week, but is very promising. We'd like to see more details such as the fish size/weight/type/rarity under the image. On the right it has the supposed difficulty for the quest, the time of day when the fish appears and the the type of bait that works best. We also found out that players will be able to cast fishing nets while aboard a boat and also while simply standing in a pool of water, hinting at various net types to catch different tiers of fishes. All in all a good start to what will be built on and further developed into an amazing fishing system for the MMORPG.

Later during the stream, the party comes across a damaged caravan that is according to Steven- Part of the NPC caravans that run due to the trade agreements between nodes. These NPC driven caravans are meant to be realtime events that reward players that protect them, failing which they will be raided by monsters and require help to get back on their route. We see Steven and his party hunt down the sladeborne and retrieve the caravan parts for the quest. Besides the NPC caravans there will also be player run caravans that require resources to get running and will function as an area event around the caravan. We also found out about trade hazards being a thing for NPC driven caravans. So while player caravans will not necessarily have any PvE threats, NPC caravans will have PvE threats that take place around them.

This pretty much wraps up what we see within the gameplay footage. However during the extended QnA there was a lot of extra information shared.

Extended QnA information:
The biggest piece of information to drop during the QnA besides the repetitive questions was regarding the stock market. According to Steven, players will be able to invest into various organizations, including Guilds and buy their stock/assets. And depending on the guild's progress, the value of that guild's stock/assets would increase or decrease. Organizations can also 'hold' stock, which causes their stock cap to change appropriately. Steven also said that individuals that are economically well versed will be able to invest and perform well in the economic aspect of the game. This also adds an interesting dynamic to guilds as instead of the standard social group, you now have to worry about managing things as others can purchase stock within your guild.

Potion launchers have been confirmed to have additional damage types/elements that will be added to them through the development process. Steven hinted at poison and more as some of the types and stated that these are examples of what would factor into the augmented skills when players pick a secondary archetype.

Next we found out some more information regarding how monster scaling will work. Steven stated that the monsters scale based on the node level, where the Zone of Influence (ZOI) would have a pre-determined denomination of monster levels, types and rewards. He further stated that these tables would be adjusted based on how the node develops, resulting in a dynamic system of monsters reflecting the development of the world (server) around them. Furthermore, cities, roads etc. will be unlikely to have monsters as they want low level players to be able to travel around without being 1-shot by higher tier monsters.

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A few more images from the stream:

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