Forum and Discord Rules [All must read]

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15 January 2018
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Please read through our rules before using the forum or Discord.

The big rules
Breaking any of these rules will result in an instant ban, and in severe cases permanent ban.
  • This site is a friendly place, and we have a zero tolerance on bad behavior, such as being toxic, trolling, flaming, harassing, spamming. This also includes using hateful, racist, homophobic or sexist language. Be nice!
  • Posting pornographic or NSFW (not safe for work) material, it does not belong on this site.
  • Having multiple accounts. Only ONE account per user is allowed.
  • Impersonating staff or other members.
  • Posting links to material that may break these rules, or spreading of malicious software.
  • Posting or behaving in a way that is illegal. This includes threats of violence, sexual activity relating to minors, piracy, copyright infringement and other criminal acts.
The other rules
Think before you post. Breaking these rules will result in a warning, and possibly a ban.
  • Remarking or complaining about a staff action in public. If you have a problem with a staff decision (such as locking a thread), contact staff on personal message.
  • Insulting other users. You should be able to discuss with other members in a proper manner. Disagreeing is fine, and can sometimes be positive for a good discussion. That said, do so without using insults. Examples of insults would be saying “shut up”, “you are dumb”, being overly sarcastic or rude, etc.
    Bottom line: Don’t try to tick off other users and making discussions unnecessarily personal. If someone insults you, report that post, and do not insult them back. Let the staff handle it.
  • Harassing other users by having a continuous negative attitude towards them.
  • Taunting. Do not mock or taunt other users, even if they may be incorrect.
  • Use English. This site is an English-language site, so we require that all content be written in English.
    • The only exception to this would be a guild description of a non-English guild, it may contain a non-English description. Their forum thread (for comments etc.) however, must still contain English.
  • Posting sensitive information in public. This includes e-mail addresses, real-world addresses, passwords, phone-numbers and other sensitive information.
  • Abusing the report function. (If you report content on a false basis, repeatedly).
Posting guidelines
Breaking these guidelines may result in a warning (after repeat offenses).
  • Hijacking or derailing a thread. Try to remain on topic. If a discussion goes way out of the original thread topic, it may be deleted, edited or split/merged into another thread.
  • Please refrain from posting meaningless threads, nonsense posts, or the such. Construct your posts in a understandable way, without excessive using of exclamation points, smileys, and similar. This is at the staff discretion.
  • Multiple or repeated posting in order to increase your post count is not allowed.Cross posting, the act of posting the same thing across multiple forums, is not allowed.
  • Please just post once in the most appropriate forum.
  • Try to stay away from sensitive topics. This would be for example politics or religion.
  • Do not bump own threads for the sake of moving your topic to the top of the forum. Replying to a thread after 2-3 days with something constructive that adds to your topic is fine.
  • Try to not double post, use the edit function. Exception to this is as above, if you have something constructive that adds to the topic. This mostly applies to those who post 2-3 posts after each other within a short period of time, where that could have been edited into their first post.
  • Do not post in all capital letters or use excessive punctuation.
  • Do not try to filter dodge, by using misspelled versions of inappropriate words.
  • Your signature image may not be larger than 800 x 250 px.
3 warnings, and 1st offense ban, normally results in = 1 week temporary ban.
In severe cases, a ban may be permanent.
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