Gundam Battle Operation 2


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6 April 2018
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So I've been heavily into Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operation 2 lately. It's from the widely popular Gundam franchise taking place during the One Year War of the original series. The game has monthly events either with loot drop bonus rates or currently a ranking event, scoring on participation and performance points.

The game has well over 30 different suits and numerous different weapons to use. You are able to customize your suits with different parts for stat bonuses or effects. To acquire new suits is easy. You can get them from random chance loot drops after matches, using an in game currency called DP(acquire after each match) to purchase more lower level starter suits from a shop. Also from the shop you can use Tokens you receive from completing dailys to get random chance loot crates. And last but not least if you happen to get a duplicate item from a crate you can use recycle tickets, from the duplicate, to purchase top tier suits.

These suits have 3 different roles. Support, general, and raid. Support is long range artillery or snipers. General is mid range suits. And raid is melee centric.

The game is updated weekly. Every week the loot crates have a new suit to acquire ranging in type and quality. Also weekly buffs and nerfs to keep the game relatively balanced. New maps have been added since launch in end of July with more expected over the next few months.

I have had a great experience with the game. No trolls or people that don't care about wins and loses. The English patch a few weeks ago has made the game even easier to play. However you will need a Japanese playstation account to download onto your PS4.

If you're interested in the game I have over 40 videos on my youtube channel with more coming daily. And below is a video I made using one of the newest suits.