Intrepid releases their new website for their studio - Two unnamed AoC related projects in the works!

Intrepid Studios recently released their brand new studio website at The site has gotten a major face lift, and it is worth checking out for some background info on their visions and their team. They point out that Ashes of Creation is their flagship product, but that there are in fact two unannounced projects within the Ashes of Creation universe.

What could this be? Board game? Novel series? However we will have to wait a bit for more information on this, as these projects will be released in the future as the development of Ashes of Creation, nears its development milestones. Perhaps when we go into beta at the end of 2018 (hopefully), we will know what these projects are about.

There are also 6 available positions at their studio, if you are looking for a job!
- Senior Game Designer
- Executive Game Assistant
- Senior Gameplay Programmer
- Senior Producer
- Senior FX Artist
- Senior Technical Animator

Check out the new website at
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