Intrepid Studios strengthens their developer team - Alpha 1 still on schedule for Q4 2018 launch

Today Intrepid Studios released a press release, where they now claim to be "one of the largest MMOs in production. Quite a feat! There has been lots of new hires lately (and more to come), some of which are previous Daybreak developers. The list includes senior programmers, engineers, artists and more. Steven Sharif noted that “It’s pretty exciting to watch your dreams become a reality, and at the end of the day, creating an MMORPG that players can be proud of." It is definitely a quality sign to see the team growing larger as we approach Alpha 1.
  • Michael Roca – Senior Gameplay Programmer (Formerly of Disney, Daybreak, SOE, and EA)
  • Grat Crabtree – Senior Software Engineer (Formerly of Daybreak and SOE)
  • Devin Lafontaine – Senior Artist (Formerly Daybreak, SOE, Sigil Games)
  • Tad Ehrlich – Senior Artist (Formerly, Daybreak, SOE, Midway Games)
  • Garrett Fern – Senior Game Designer (Formerly Daybreak and SOE)
  • Zin Chiang – Senior Producer (Formerly Travian Games and Publishing)
  • Midori Bond – Executive Assistant (Formerly Senior GM and Customer Service at SOE)
As for Alpha 1, the press release also notes that the test phase is still on schedule for the Q4 2018 release window. With that in mind, Intrepid is going to stop selling Alpha 1 access after the end of July. Currently there are reportedly 8000 players with access, and Intrepid wants to keep that number below 10 000. So if you haven't bought your access yet for Alpha 1, then time is running out!


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