List of Ashes of Creation previews after PAX East

There has been several previews of Ashes of Creation going online in the days after PAX East. Here is a handy list of the ones I have come across. Feel free to add new entries if you have found another one.


"This year’s PAX East featured a lot of games early in their testing phase, but Ashes of Creation was one that had splurged for a very large booth toward the center of the show floor. And let’s be fair here; the game sure looked like it was ready for prime time. Between the animations on display and the general look of playing the game for onlookers, this is the sort of game that, at a glance, certainly did not look like something in pre-alpha. All of its graphical polish was being shown off to great effect."


Ashes of Creation PAX East 2018: The Nodes Are Life

"Everything about Ashes of Creation is built upon their Nodes system. Quite literally. Nodes are the focus of their world’s growth, the primary focus of player advancement, and the way questing and player cities come together. That said, most of what this system is capable of has been primarily through dev blogs. With the Ashes of Creation PAX East setup, however, all of those words were put into real-life, playable, and tangible action."


If Ashes of Creation Can’t Revive MMORPGs, Nothin’ is Gonna

"On paper, Ashes of Creation is one of the most ambitious MMORPGs to be in the pipeline in recent years. Of course though, they all sound that way before they come out, and then hardcore players get their hands on them. They’ll rush to max level and figure out the optimal way to break down an end game that seemed really engaging during development, into something that is trite and boring."


Event Blogs: PAX East 2018 - Ashes of Creation Demo & Interview

"In the last few years there have been many new MMOs stepping up to the plate and trying to be the next big hit. Many of these have started to show the first signs of trouble early on especially, to those of us who have spent a considerable amount of time following the development of new MMOs. So, it’s within this context I approached the pre-alpha demo for Ashes of Creation; with a fair bit of apprehension and a side of cynicism. I am quite happy to say the demo exceeded all my expectations for what a MMO in pre-Alpha can be."


Pax East 2018: Ashes of Creation is Looking Phenomenal and a Head of Schedule

Intrepid Studios is showing off the latest Alpha build at PAX East and promise more content before the end of the year.
Ashes of Creation became one of the most successful video game Kickstarters last summer when it completed its $750,000 goal in less than 12 hours. Eventually, Intrepid Studios raised over $3 million on the crowdfunding platform to begin development on their revolutionary new MMO.




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15 January 2018
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And here is another one, from MMO-Central:

PAX East had a larger than expected MMO turnout this year. While there were a handful of newer MMOs that also had booths on the show floor, none of them had as much real estate and presence as Ashes of Creation. The Intrepid Studios game is still in alpha, having completed one of the most successful gaming Kickstarters in recent history.

Boasting a dev team coming from a series of high-end gaming titles, Ashes of Creation is seeking to be the next big thing in the MMO scene rather than a variant on a basic model. One can easily see big ideas that were tossed about in previous studios that never came to fruition that have a new chance with Intrepid, such as the core concept of zones (or nodes, as Intrepid calls them) that will change over time based on player behavior and actions. Considering how many members of the Intrepid team used to be over at SOE, it’s little surprise that there are concepts players loved from Star Wars Galaxiesand the ill-fated EverQuest Next finding their way into Ashes.

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