March 29th Stream Recap - Nodes Information!

Stream Highlights:
  • Game Developer's Conference 2019 went well for Intrepid.
  • Intrepid have hired 18 new personnel in 2019 and are looking to hire 17 more.
  • More information on Node types and Governments in upcoming blogs.
  • First part of Developer Diaries - Nodes released.
  • Community contests are being planned.

Nodes Developer Diary:
The stream opens with the showcase of the nodes developer diary - The community's first look behind the scenes into the technology that goes into building the nodes for the world of Ashes of Creation. The developer diaries are a series of pre-recorded video blogs that are being created by Margaret to give the community insight into how things work behind the scenes at Intrepid studios. This first developer diary covers the intricate ways in which the node technology built by intrepid is used to procedurally populate a node with the various assets required to make a node function, this technology ensures that no two nodes on any server look alike and that the variables help bring a unique flavour to each node so that players have a place to call their own. They want nodes to function as historical landmarks and to weave the history of the server within the world of Ashes of Creation. Intrepid didnt want to delve into too much detail as key information about their node technology could be used by other competing developers as it was their industry/business secret sauce.

Clarified Node Destruction System:
The biggest piece of information that was clarified/adjusted is that when a node loses a siege that node is destroyed and goes all the way down to level 0, even if it was a stage 6 metropolis. This adds a powerful dynamic and a high risk/reward factor to nodes. They further clarified that being a citizen of multiple nodes would not put you at war with yourself if your two nodes went to war against one another as your highest ranking would be managed by your node citizenship, with your guild and player agency allegiances coming after citizenship.

How server merges will be handled:
Intrepid currently has 2 planned methods of handling server merges.
  1. The first method involves the weaker population server merging into the dominant server. Players from the weaker population server abandon their node progress, but carry over all their equipment/character data/freehold data etc. into the dominant server.
  2. The second method involves purging both existing servers and creating a fresh start world full of level 0 nodes. Players will ofcourse retain all data/progression/gearing but will have to build up the various nodes from scratch.

New Nodes QNA Information:
They want players to travel between nodes in order to obtain the various bonuses, including renouncing one's citizenship in order to obtain the bonuses that another node offers as this creates a trade-off dynamic where players have to make decisions and sacrifices. Furthermore, the underrealm nodes will interact with the nodes above ground by locking them out and some of their flora seeping into the world above. Additionally, coastal nodes will have a small portion of the coast/sea under their ZOI, however deep see and international waters will be present.

Furthermore, nodes will develop the area around them as they upgrade in order to allow different mobs, the developers dont want it to be a case where the starting areas for low level players are abandoned because all the high level players have moved elsewhere, they want players to log into a live breathing world the first time they log in which is controlled by players in an experience that changes and is unique each time they log out and log back in.

As such quests will not be geographically limited by nodes. Node based armor/weapon appearances which carry the node's crest/logo will only be available while the node is standing, if that node is destroyed in the siege the unique appearance offered by it will also disappear.

Parent Node & Vassal Node System:
The parent nodes lock out their vassal nodes from reaching the same level as them. Lower level adjacent nodes are forced to be vassals and submit to their parent node, however do not be mistaken as the parent/vassal system does not offer negatives as you would assume. The parent vassal system primarily offers benefits to both the parents and the vassals, ranging from quests to bonuses and various other mechanics that benefit the citizens of both the parent node and the vassal node.

Stealing items and Looting players:
The corruption system is built around punishing griefers while promoting meaningful PvP. As such you will not drop gear unless you are a corrupted griefer, even then there's only a small chance to drop gear. Primarily upon death or being PK'ed players will only drop raw materials/resources which they currently are carrying in their inventory. The same rules apply to freeholds and caravans during sieges and PvP events.

Freehold Buildings:
Theoretically you can build 4-6 buildings on your freehold, but it will be more important to know which buildings benefit from each other and work well together. The developers hinted at being similar to the game tetris where you try to match building structure placement types to get the most out of your freehold. However planning for this will be incredibly important.

The stream ended with the developers thanking the community for their support
The full stream can be found here:

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Good write-up.

Mobs and node leveling will be interesting to watch - In our real world as a area grows it tend to push out the larger predators leaving... oh gawd, rats. Yes, new players/characters just may get "kill the rats in the tavern cellar" quests. Of course, this should lead to driving off packs of wolves that are preying on livestock and onward to large predators that are making roads unsafe.

This could make leveling fun and interesting if IS implements more ecological rather than "loot pinata" type mob areas.

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