Margaret Krohn's (Community Marketing Lead) Reddit AMA (edited for clarity and brevity)


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27 December 2018
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Margaret's Introduction;

"Hello Glorious Ashes of Creation community!

I am Margaret Krohn the new Community Marketing Lead for Intrepid Studios. I will be working on all of Intrepid Studios intellectual properties, leading our Community and Marketing teams.

Here's a little job description to help y'all understand a little bit of what I'll be working on: Developing and leading the community and marketing team's strategies in line with company objectives. Managing communications, PR, social media, events and content creation. Coordinating, planning and implementing marketing campaigns.There are certain to be more hats I will wear, but that should cover the gist of what I will be doing here at Intrepid Studios.

I come from a long background of gaming as I started as a little kid playing board games, growing into video games with the Atari, Nintendo, and Sega. From there, the love for games only continued to grow as technology continued to advance. I started playing DOS games, and as gaming graphics progressed, I delved into RPGs, FPSs, and RTSs, but my love has always been MMORPGs. In 1999, I fell in love with EverQuest, and now, I have played every major MMORPG that exists.

I also join the team with 13 years of professional work history in the game industry, from working in QA to Game Design for 6 years to Community Management and Video Production. I have an eye for detail and as anyone who knows me, I am very organized. I hope to bring my expertise to the table and help provide you all with a plethora of content.

Since Intrepid strives to be as transparent a company as possible, I will be taking you along my journey and be very open about what I am working. This first week for me will be:
  • Setting up Branding Guidelines for Intrepid Studios, Ashes of Creation and Apocalypse.
  • Organizing and cleaning up our social media channels and the types of content that will be delivered upon them.
  • This includes the following: Discord, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, Forums, Website
  • I am a huge believer that all information should funnel from the main website / forums out to social.
  • I believe that Reddit should be primarily run via the community, so I will be working with the moderators here to adjust things in regards to this.
  • Working with our producers to setup a content roadmap for the next six months in order to determine our schedule accordingly - Maybe you’ll get that Nodes 3 video =P. Then scheduling weekly/bi-weekly/monthly meetings (pending on current development phase) to update the calendar and keep us all on track.
  • Constructing playtest schedules and feedback loops in order to make sure that we are getting the most out of our tests and that feedback can be funneled to the developers in a manner that is helpful.
  • Working with our Marketing Team to ensure they are aware of our content schedule release, and the things we would like to address through these mediums.
  • Building our Community Team. Yes, I am not the only one who you’ll be seeing join the Intrepid Studios family.
  • Constructing Community Guidelines with the Community Team, volunteer moderators, and moderators (Don’t worry, they won’t be that harsh, but things do need to change, and you all know that. ;])
  • Organizing Community Team meetings, and collaborating with them in order to determine who will be working on specified content, and social channels.
  • Organizing volunteer moderator and moderators meetings, and cooperating with them in order for them to have the power to act upon the Community Guidelines
Now, to get to the fun! Normally, I would do a Q&A via the forums, but our forums are currently under maintenance as you all know, so I thought Reddit would work just as well.

Feel free to ask me almost anything, and I’ll do my best to answer your questions when I am not in meetings. :winking:




(Note: Generic "Welcomes" and "Thank You's" and been left out, as well as anything else that could be considered fluff or not relevant)

A Bit About Herself:

triv-: "What's your favorite mmo to date and/or most played mmo?"

MK: "I still go back to EQ. I have been playing on the progression servers and love it. It's kind of one of those things where I haven't found my replacement... Until AoC!! :winking:"

Neiuso: "What is your most anticipated feature planned in Ashes of Creation?"

MK: "I really love the Nodes system and how the world will be built with them in mind. I think that's something every MMORPG nerd fantasizes about. A world where your actions create change, and the world is more a persistent thing that continues on and lives and breathes!

SIGN ME UP! Take all my money!! :tongueout: haha."

McStackerson: "What attracted you to Ashes and what are you most excited for?"

MK: "The idea that the world will change based on the actions of the players is something I love!! I am a huge fan of persistent worlds that live and change based on the actions of players. ^__^

nibblescookies: "What do you enjoy more in mmos, pvp or pve?"

MK: "I personally love raiding the most, so PvE, but on the raiding scale. =D"

Pacha51: "Are you a roleplayer?"

MK: "Love me some TTRPGs if that's what you mean. =P" (ed. - "TTRPGs" = Tabletop Role Playing Games such as Dungeons & Dragons, etc)

EragonKai: "Have you been following Ashes of Creation for some time now, or did you learn about Intrepid more recently?"

MK: "I have been following AoC for some time now, and I have definitely been creeping on the community while I awaited my start date. I am really excited to work with some of my old pals. We have some really talented folks here at Intrepid Studios! =D"


About being the Community Marketing Lead;

PotatoAim111: "What made you choose to work with Intrepid Studios on AoC?"

MK: "I really loved their values. I want to work for a company who wants to create games because they are gamers. I love that they have no plans of doing P2W content. As a long time MMORPG player, I feel this is great and will bring back the competitiveness to raiding that I miss. I also know a lot of the people who work here. They are all very talented and work so hard, I wanted to work alongside them again. It's going to be a treat! There are many other reasons as well, but I could go on and on. =P::

MyHungrySoul: re: Social Media Coordinator. "I was wondering if you have any tips to someone who is looking to pave their own way in this field."

MK: "This would take a long time to answer in full, but in short, I would say here are a couple tips:
  • Come up with Brand Guidelines - This includes the look as well as the voice of your channel(s).
  • Utilize social media channels properly - Some channels are not meant to be used in the same way as others, so you have to cater your content to the medium.
Ashone1: "... and communication, from the sounds of things you will be a BIG help with this issue."

MK: "My goal is to make sure that we are communicating things properly, and I will be working with the team to ensure we meet the expected times/goals, and when we can't, that there is proper communication in a timely manner."

Sinkillas: "Is there a specific personal goal or vision you have in your role that you want to accomplish?"

MK: "Specific personal goal, I guess I would love to just see a healthy happy community. If I do my job right, that should be the case. :winking:"

Kalez85: "Will you be working with with running the Eu community?"

MK: "I will be working with my,com and helping run all things Community & Marketing. :winking:"


About the Forums, Related Websites and Platforms, Communication, and Content Creators:

Haunswurznzopf: "Can't wait to see what you are going to do with all the Social Media and the Subreddit! Hopefully this becomes a more positive place."

MK: "I hope I can make all of our social spaces more positive places, but we all know... Haters gonna hate. =P"

PineappleJunghado: "How will you turn Apocalypse, Ashes of Creation's 'side project', into something more positive than what a majority of the community is still mostly negative/mixed about?"

MK: "This is a thing we discussed quite a bit today. My plan is to separate the two products so people who really want information on just the MMORPG can have that, and those who want to help us with the combat systems that we'll be using Apocalypse to test can also keep up-to-date on things via the Apocalypse channels.

I hope that will resolve confusion going forward.

My other goal in regards to this is to have content for both products, so no one feels left out. =)"

Ashone1: "Please post an FAQ in an overly obvious location. Maybe in multiple overly obvious locations."

MK: "I am working with CS to make sure that FAQs are in their database. Hopefully, this will resolve a lot of those concerns. :smile:

Edit: And we will link that to other locations. =P"

Knifeprty112: "This content road map is very required, the community restless with current events."

MK: "It was high on my list of things to do, pending approval from Steven."

KethatrilThotaesar: "Straight to the point: provide three months roadmap, but keep it up to date regularly every month, possibly at the fixed day."

MK: "No worries on the roadmap. It will always be something that is fluid, but this will be more for me to ensure I am following the development pipeline in order to feed you all content. (Not necessarily a roadmap I will share with everyone publicly if that makes sense."

S4mmiches: "Do you have any thoughts about how you would make sure players feel heard, or how your community team should/would handle a situation where players are unhappy?"

MK: "I think the best thing is to listen to your community. It's easy to gather data from social media, forums, etc and figure out what the sentiment is, and why they are feeling the way they are feeling.

Some of those issues can be resolved, others might not be. From there, do your best to resolve the ones you can, and work towards solving the ones that are harder. A lot of the time, it's just miscommunication that is the issue, and it's easily fixable."

Decimuss: "Any update on when the forums might be available?"

MK: "I am working on getting information regarding the forums, and some other major questions/concerns from the community, but that's definitely on my list!"

ZekethephoenixPhoenix: "I have heard from some members of our community who have had you as their CM for EQ2, they have concerns... Such as talking about balance updates, upcoming content, etc."

MK: "EQ2 is a very different game, and was at a different stage in its lifespan when I worked on it. They had transferred to F2P, and with that came cosmetic store updates and not as many systems updates.

Fortunately, AoC is very different, and I will have a ton of great content to share with y'all, so don't worry about things on that front. As stated in my OP, I will be working with the Producers to create a Content Roadmap, so I can share all kinds of goodies with y'all."

feardraconis: "Will it be possible to see more Blog Posts and background Lore based content from Intrepid during the APOC development?"

MK: "In regards to lore, I would love to do some articles on lore and maybe even have a lore section on the webpage as we release more information. Don't worry. I'll get you the lore you need if you're a lore junky. "

IveGotNoLifeIveGotNoLife: "Will the subreddit now transfer to a community owned one or will it stay owned by Intrepid?"

MK: "It will stay owned by Steven, but will be run by the community once I get that all situated."

D4RKM4773R: "What are your thoughts on... (Development), (Functions), (Website info), (Weaponized PR)?"

MK: "I plan to provide more content updates to address your concerns about information. As stated above, I am working with the producers to create a Content Roadmap that will provide you all with tons of great information. :winking:

Once the website and forums are up and running to their full extent, I will be creating articles and all kinds of goodies for y'all."

Drakehiro: "You mentioned you wanted to make the forums the primary access for information."

MK: "I will be putting all official communication on the website and forums, but Discord, along with all other social media channels, will be linked to that information, so it will still be posted to all the other platforms. If you're a Discord preferred user, you will still get your news. No worries!

I will most likely take over as the primary communicator, but I am sure there will be times when other members of our team will help out."

PharazonGaming: "What aspects of the current communication strategy do you feel need immediate attention, and what aspects do you think are working and worth building on?"

MK: "I am working with our Producers when it comes to our Development Roadmap, so that I can make our Content Roadmap coincide with the things they are working on. This will allow me to make more articles, videos, etc to let you all in on what's being done in the development process."

Tinnis_: "regarding news updates: needs more text articles and not just about store cosmetics or, not just livestreams that are often not uploaded to YouTube and move away from over reliance on the frantic closed garden that is discord"

MK: "As stated in the OP, I am working with the Producers to create a Content Roadmap, so I can provide y'all with all kinds of articles, videos, livestreams, etc. Livestreams, in general, will have some formatting changes as we move forward, and they will be uploaded to YouTube pending the content that is in them. :smile:

And as stated in the OP, I will also be moving away from Discord being the main source of information, so no worries there, but if you are a Discord user, I will still be posting information there as well."

Dannst4r: "Will you be managing/help-manage the Official Content Creators?"

MK: "Yes, I will be helping manage the Official Content Creators."

PineappleJunghado: "How will you tackle Ashes of Creation with its non-P2W model as opposed to previous MMORPGs you've managed in the past that are modeled P2W and sometimes framed as a "Cash Cow"?"

MK: "I used to work for SOE before they changed over to the F2P model. I'm a huge fan of Subscription based games, so I think this will be a very nice change, and bring me back to the nostalgia of old days where I didn't have to pay for every upgrade material. Intrepid Studios has no plans of making any of their games P2W which is one of the reasons I joined them, so I think you have nothing to worry about."


Concerning AoC Live Streams, content and production values

PsyM3X: "Please for the love of (Insert Religious Figure Here) take care of the audio issues."

MK: I will do my best! <3

Zilexion: (Uploading past streams for non-NA time zone players)

MK: "We should be uploading all of our livestreams to YouTube, pending the type of content that is in them, so that should help resolve your issue if you miss a stream. You can also watch the videos on Twitch as they are available as soon as the stream is over. I'll make sure there's a place for these things to be linked on the forums and social media for ease."

txhorns23: "What is something that you learned in your previous position with NCsoft..."

MK: "At NCSOFT, I primarily only did video production work, so normally, I was behind the camera. I learned a lot about broadcasting, and video editing. Even built their new broadcast studio! =P I think this will help Intrepid Studios out as I know they've had some audio issues with their streams in the past. I will hopefully be able to resolve those."

Freezman13: "Time and time again people ask questions that have been answered before, but they don't try to find answer before submitting their question."

MK: "We've been discussing livestreams, and there will be changes to some of the formats of them, so your issue may be resolved. :winking:
Note though, I do love the idea of pre-selecting questions, but I also feel that livestreams are not always the best format for a Q&A."

feardraconis: "Will Intrepid be re-uploading the past few months of Twitch content onto the YouTube channel?"

MK: "I don't think we'll go into the past and upload things. That would be odd, but going forward, we will be uploading things."

Ashone1: "Will you also be doing quality control on the streams They almost always have sound issues, to the point that it has become a meme."

MK: "I will be helping organize the livestreams. In regards to the sound issues, I still need to look at their setup and adjust things accordingly, but I will do my best."

styles85: : "Will we see you taking peters seat on the streams?

MK: "Not always. I think it will depend on what the content of the livestream is who will be on it. :winking:"

MK seems to have a firm grounding and a clear vision. Wishing her well and good luck!
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11 September 2018
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She seems interesting, but I am worried about the "lead the community" paired with "marketing" aspect. I prefer this to be 2 separate persons, as to me this kinda looks like she is trying to "sell" us things and convince us that whatever IS does is good.

This reminds me of Celestrata at Trion.

Time will tell, fingers crossed. I'm just cautious due to all the great promises and negative experiences we had in the past few years.


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15 January 2018
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I think she seems like a good addition to the team. Intrepid has needed a CM for a loooong time, so there is lots of work to do... Will be very interesting to see how she decides to deal with the tasks at hand.

I'm liking very much that her main focus is on the forum, not Discord (in terms of communication outwards).
"MK: "I will be putting all official communication on the website and forums". Will be a big step up compared to today, where nothing is posted on the forum. Like, ever.. :happytear:


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11 September 2018
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The forums are at least somewhat moderated by volunteers, discord is a huge problem with all the trolls.

In terms of communication, hopefully everything will be posted on the forum rather than a bunch of @everyone spam on Discord, like... I don't care how many times you restarted the server and it still does not work, Steven :happytears: