My.Com official statement to the Ashes of Creation community

Today Volker at posted an official statement on the Ashes of Creation Discord channel, in an attempt to calm the worries of the community in regards to customer service, pay-to-win, server stability and account security. I personally think that this is promising, as it shows that Intrepid and My.Com is taking this very seriously. Of course, only time will tell if this actually holds true, but I think EU fans of AoC should relax and have faith in Intrepid and their strategy. You can read the full statement from Volker bellow.


"As previously communicated, we at are, and remain, fully committed to supporting the creative vision that Steven and Intrepid Studios has for Ashes of Creation. Their vision appeals to the desires of western MMORPG fans, and we are fully committed to bringing this non-Pay-to-Win vision to the European players. In the past, has published and developed primarily titles that were, from the ground up, built around a Free-To-Play model. This is not the case with Ashes of Creation, which is fully tailored towards a subscription-based business model. We want to make sure the game reaches our players with a business model and monetisation options that matches the expectations of the fans and backers of Ashes of Creation.

We are fully supporting the Non-Pay-to-Win vision that Steven and Intrepid Studios have, and we will implement the same model for the version as they implement for their version. We believe that Ashes of Creation will be one of the largest MMOs ever to be globally published, and as a publisher, we are excited to help lead the charge , together with Steven and our friends at Intrepid Studios."

Customer Service
"While is always striving to provide the best possible Customer Service for any of our titles, we may not always be meeting the players’ expectations in this regard. The feedback about Customer Service is traditionally one of the toughest parts of publishing an online game, but this will not deter us from improving. We are continually working on getting better in this area, and we want you to keep on telling us about your expectations.

In order to provide the best possible Customer Service for Ashes of Creation specifically, will be working closely with Intrepid Studios to establish global procedures and policies for our players in the European and CIS regions. We will also establish joint service level expectations that will commit to fulfilling.

As a first step to underline our commitment, we will already begin providing a base level of Customer Service for the European and CIS region, starting on the first of September. This will give us some head start on making sure that everything is set up for the times when players in Europe will have actual issues with which they contact us. Should you want to get in contact already - we are looking forward to hearing how we are doing there and where specifically you would want us to improve."

Account Security
"Intrepid and will be working closely together on bringing the account protection services to an even higher level. As part of that collaboration, we at are happy to announce, that we will be providing additional account security mechanisms, such as Two-Factor authentication, that will help to protect all our user’s accounts. This will allow us to further expand security and control over accounts and data for all users and we hope to share specifics on these plans in the near future.

With the most recent implementation of the GDPR changes for European users, we have already solidified the security of your account and personal information, and given all users more direct control over their data. These recent upgrades together with the plans we are pursuing with Intrepid will ensure that our data security is now up to the highest standards of the industry.

In addition to this, we will also closely collaborate on providing the client-server technology that will support this account security. Intrepid Studios will remain in full charge of compiling and providing the Ashes of Creation client through the / infrastructure, so that the process is as concise and secure as possible."

"In contrast to the titles that was able to publish in the past, we now find ourselves in the very positive situation of working with a game that is in active development, and which is being built by a team that has internalized the requirements for localisation and has considered this from the get-go.

Intrepid Studios is already providing us with the necessary localisation tools that will allow to focus on the actual localisation rather than having to work around a missing infrastructure. This will ultimately allow us to provide a localisation quality that meets our own expectations as much as those of the Ashes of Creation community. Additionally, the benefits of cooperating so early with the developers as in this case, allows us to provide feedback on matters of translations before things are set, which will further benefit the quality of translation in the game."

Server Quality
"In order to provide the server quality, up-time and general operations stability that we all expect from a game like Ashes of Creation, we will once again work closely with Intrepid Studios who, by building a solid and robust infrastructure and the necessary tools for managing them in the first place, will lay the foundation for what will be a high quality server environment for the European and CIS players.

In addition to the close consultation with Intrepid, our IT teams are already now beginning our technical planning. Working with our five, globally distributed data centers, we will be able to provide local servers that allow for the best possible connectivity, while working with cloud server providers such as Google and Amazon we are investigating possibilities for quick and efficient scaling of resources to quickly react to changes in demand of computing power.

Also here we will be able to benefit from working on the technical backbones early on in the development process, which allows us to make sure that the game and the infrastructure can work harmoniously instead of having to find ways to “work around” server structures that are developed for a more centralized market such as can be found in Asia. Intrepid supports the needs of a European infrastructure so that can focus on providing the best possible service."

Steven Sharif also added a small comment to the statement, saying that:
"I would like to add, that in the discussions I had with every major publisher in the EU and CIS regions, were the ONLY ones willing to put words to ink on those fronts. In my meetings on Friday with them in Amsterdam, I saw the dedication and commitment from their team for these issues, and believe they will rise to the occasion and provide our EU and CIS family with the level of service that Ashes deserves "
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