New Senior Community Manager for AoC announced + APOC Open Beta weekend

New Senior Community Manager for AoC

Welcome to the new senior community manager for Ashes of Creation, Sarah Flanagan! She will be the main communication from Intrepid to the community (on a day-to-day basis). You can check out her AMA on Reddit for more info and wish her welcome to the Intrepid team!

DxeLXu_UYAAcXPM (1).jpg

Click here for a link to the Reddit thread.

Open Beta weekend for APOC

The second beta test for APOC is coming up on January 24 - January 27. It starts at 18.00 UTC (10.00 PT) on the 24th, and ends at 06.00 UTC (22.00 PT) on the 27th (Nighttime on the 28th for UTC).

The primary focus for this test will be:
  • Network issues during matches
  • Performance of the server
  • VOIP service stability
  • Bug fixes
  • Testing our Solo and Squad Battle Royale Game Modes
Download the launcher now

Apocalypse is a free-to-play, stand-alone action combat mode where players can compete in various arena modes. Currently, it is limited to battle royale (battlegrounds), but will later include castle sieges and horde mode. For more info on the release schedule, click here. All the data gathered is used to improve and further develop the MMORPG side of Ashes of Creation.

If you encounter any bugs, please use this Bug Form. This helped the Quality Assurance Team during the last beta test, and it allows Intrepid to get issues to the Development Team much faster.

Make sure to check out the known issues and patch notes before you play:

Make sure to update your client and play some APOC this weekend!
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