New website style for The AoC Dungeon!

Welcome! The new website style is now live!


Front page.

Everyone should now have a new style enabled by default, the "dungeon style". It has been custom ported for my Xenforo 2 website, and should fit a lot more into the Ashes of Creation game\dungeon theme! 😀

Logo/other adjustments
One major part is still not done, and that is the new logo. Will be finalized this week.
There will also be continuous adjustments throughout the week to fine-tune everything.

Feedback is important, so please tell me what you think!

Old style
"What about the old style? I kind of preferred that one.."

Fear not, you can still use the old one if you wish. Switching to the "alternative black style" is easy, just press the button with the light-bulb, labeled "Change style". It is located right above the footer. -->


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