Open beta weekend for Ashes of Creation Apocalypse and Intrepid live-stream details!

This weekend, the Ashes of Creation Apocalypse mode, will be open for all registered users to download and play!
The test will go live Friday, January 11 at 17.00 UTC (09.00 PT) and will last until Sunday, January 13 at 06.00 UTC (22.00 PT).

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Apocalypse is a free-to-play, stand-alone action combat mode where players can compete in various arena modes. Currently, it is limited to battle royale (battlegrounds), but will later include castle sieges and horde mode. For more info on the release schedule, click here. All the data gathered is used to improve and further develop the MMORPG side of Ashes of Creation.

The main focus of the test this weekend, will be gathering data on the following:
  • Login registration flow
  • Download flow
  • Connection to matches
  • Performance of the servers
  • Combat balance
  • Testing Solo and Squad Battle Royale Game Modes
Bug reporting
Please use this form to report bugs directly to the Ashes of Creation QA/developer team.

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Intrepid Live-stream
Also, don't forget that there is a livestream Friday, January 11 at 23.00 UTC (15.00 PT).
Some known details about the stream:
  • Intrepid will be giving away Alpha 1 keys
  • You get to meet the new Community Marketing Lead Margaret Krohn
  • Sneak peak into the design of the siege mode, siege classes and their mechanics
Happy weekend and enjoy!
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