PAX East Ashes of Creation Day 1 stream recap!

The first day of PAX East is over, and it is time to recap! For the first hours of the stream we got to see the PAX visitors playing the PAX demo. Some of you probably recognized parts from the dwarf dungeon, which we have been shown footage from on a previous live stream. As a great way to finish off Day 1, Steven and his colleagues decided to play through the demo with us!

We start off by seeing a level 3 node at the village level. The last time we saw this node, it was being attacked by a boss, which had come out from his mountain cave to attack the node. One of the many great things about Ashes of Creation is that the game world will react to the player actions, in this case the node upgrade triggered the boss to attack the node. The villagers then had to defeat the boss to keep the node safe.

Sidebar: Notice the hilarious bug when one of the party members tried to mount a horse. Steven said they tried to get horses ready for the PAX demo, but as you can see it didn't get quite ready.. :smile:

village node.jpg
Steven looking around... = )

village node3.jpg
Thank you for the splendid quest Archeologist Arwyn!

Is that a horse?? Hilarious bug.

This is where our party is going to pick up their quest to find the reliquary, and so the path leads onto the mountains. You'll notice there are some guards outside to push back the mobs and protect the area. As a node advances in level, the zone of influence increases. The mobs outside will also become more dangerous, than they'd be outside a lower level node. On the road to the mountain entrance we get a brief look at an abandoned caravan, while they reminds us about the importance of caravans in Ashes of Creation, especially for the economic system.

mountain road2.jpg
Killing some poor mobs outside the node.

Behold, we found an old caravan!

To find the entrance the ranger has to show off its skill to locate the tracks.

Now they need to find the way to the entrance, which is when we get to see the Ranger class and his utility skill to find the tracks. A set of tracks appear, heading towards the cave! Behold, we found the way! We notice a toxic fog in the cave entrance, which will damage everyone over time unless the cleric uses his utility skill to lift the fog. They also remind us that the party composition isn't just set to for example "DPS" and be done with it, all classes will have additional ways of bringing useful and unique elements to the party. For example the utility skills.

Nasty toxic fog which is a Damage over Time (DoT), which can be lifted by the cleric.

The mobs proved worthy, as one of the party members died during this section.

quest window.jpg
A brief look at the quest details.

Now the party reaches the first boss, Sorrow's Hunger! The boss that was attacking the node in the previous live stream. I guess we found its home! After defeating the boss the party reaches a door. This time, the mage has to help out with his utility skill to dispel the magic that locks this door. They then get inside to familiar tracks, in the dwarf dungeon. Make sure to watch where you are going, you don't want to fall off the narrow pathway in this dungeon. There are no railings... =)

sorrow's hunger.jpg
Sorrow's Hunger, we meet again!

Time to open this door mage.

Steven: "Don't fall off!" After two other members of the party decided to "fall" off = )

After some, ahem, GM cheats to get back the ones that accidentally "fell" off, the quest continues! They eventually reach the final boss of this demo, the Brood Queen. A nasty looking creature I must say! When it goes down to a certain percentage, some adds spawn to try and heal up the boss. The boss is no match for our splendid party, which slays the monster and finds the reliquary, and a convenient portal back to town. They turn in the quest and that concludes the PAX demo!

brood queen.jpg
The foul Brood Queen.

brood queen2.jpg
Steven keeps targeting her flaming behind!

quest complete.jpg
Reliquary found, well done team!

End of PAX demo.

Stay tuned for the PAX Panel today at 10.30 AM to 11.30 AM EST (15.30 CET). During the panel they will show off some gameplay, answer some questions and perhaps release some news. The panelists will be Steven Sharif, Jeffrey Bard, Akin Hooper, Michael Bacon and Mat Broome.

The stream will then turn on at 1PM EST - 4PM EST (17.00 - 20.00 CET).

For the play-through with Steven at the end, you can watch the YouTube video here:

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4 March 2018
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Good summary for a fairly boring today. Hopefully the panel today will be more interesting!
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