Recap of PAX East for Ashes of Creation Day 1 - 4, with links and info!

So that concludes this years PAX East. It has been a great event, Intrepid studios really outdid themselves this year. Really focusing on the community, answering questions on stream and being out there for hours. We got a fun play-through session with the developers and Alpha 1 release confirmed for Q4 this year. To recap the event, check out the articles previously posted and the streams:

Day 1
Highlight of the day was the play-through session where Steven and his crew ran through the PAX demo.

You can check the recap and video here:
Stream recap

Streams from that day

Day 2
Highlight of the day was the PAX panel. It was very interesting hearing the developers talk about their background, their vision for the game, and they also got time to answer quite a few answers from the crowd. And of course we got our Alpha 1 release window confirmed as likely to be early Q4.

Check it out here:
PAX Panel and Alpha 1 release

Streams from that day

Day 3
Highlight of the day was when Bacon and Peter sat down answering questions from the Twitch chat, both game related questions and personal questions.

Streams from that day

Day 4
Highlight of the day was we got Steven himself taking questions from the Twitch chat.

Streams from that day

A great PAX East this was. So hopefully we will see Intrepid taking Ashes of Creation to Europe in time for Gamescom in August.. ;)
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Glad you posted about Steven talking on day 4. I completely missed that. I haven't finished watching the whole twitch conversation yet, but I didn't hear anything but positivity and in my opinion great design choices.
I'm glad :) Yeah it was a very nice segment, Steven took the time to answer a lot of questions!

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