Seasons & Weather in Verra

Hello, this is Ziltch and today I will talk about the Weather & Season systems.

(As well as mentioned a bit about the Day/Night system and Biomes)

  • Biomes exists that are fixed
  • Biomes exists where seasons change environment
  • Weather conditions will change
(Talked about in this video)

Biomes will change how Seasons and Weather works within their respective Biomes.
Colder Biomes might have a longer winter while warmer Biomes will have shorter winter or maybe not snow at all.

For Weather things like Rain and Snow might get affected a bit in how they work compared to other Biomes.

Now let’s talk about seasons. For now, each season in Ashes will last for a week, so if they follow the standard 4 season cycle, a cycle of all will take a month.
(Personally I feel it should be 2 weeks at minimum, 1 week just feels too short)

Now let’s go over what Seasons will affect:
  • Gameplay
  • Certain Events
  • Environment
    • Gatherables
    • Crop rotation
    • Open/Close Entrances to Dungeons
    • Open/Close up certain paths in the open world
      • Trade Routes
  • What NPCs are available/NPC generation
    • NPC appearance
  • Dungeons
  • Boss content
  • Drop tables
  • Monster Spawn and Visuals
    • Some season might encourage new types of creatures out
  • Combat
    • Skill Use
    • Element damage (ie Frost in Winter etc)
  • Node progression
    • Season Cycle might change depending on state of Nodes in the world
      • Might be shorter or longer
  • Weather
(Talked about in this video, this blog and this video)

Now let’s go over this list.

When they talk about Events they are most likely including holiday events into the picture, but what kind of other events might we see?
Now, for our Gatherers, you will be especially affected by the seasons because of how it will influence Gathering. They have mentioned how Seasons will change what gatherables are available at the time, the same goes for crops, they will have a crop rotation needed as not all crops can grow at any given time.
This again will affect the market overall as some products will only be seasonal, that is of course unless you import it from far away, but this will have a mayor cost increase.
So if you find products that you like, you might want to check if they will be affected and prepare for such.
(You can read a bit more about Crafting in my previous article about it)

Another interesting point is how the Seasons will change what Dungeons are available, as well as open and close different paths in the world.
For instance. if the entrance to a dungeon is inside a lake, at winter this will not be accessible because of the lake freezing over.
Now, what I would find amazing is if we can use, in this example, fire skills to melt an entrance in the Ice so that we can still enter it. I have not heard talk at all about this or something like this being mentioned directly, I just personally think that this would be awesome.

In regards to changing the topography of the area, this will really affect large scale movement like Trade Routes.
Some routes might become shorter, making them safer, while others might have to take large detours, increasing the risk and the cost.

Another thing that will be affected by Seasons is the Underrealm.
Different seasons will affect the Underrealm Environment in different ways.

Now let’s make guesses on the four different seasons and their effects.
In Spring, you might see more plants and find more gatherables than you usually do.
In Summer, maybe there are less monsters than usual as they have gone outside.
In Fall, maybe the tunnels will start getting slightly blocked off from water flooding places.
In Winter, maybe some entrances have been blocked.down into the Underrealm to avoid the snow.

Maybe you will find more monsters than usual as the monsters outside have fled into the Underrealm in fall and winter?
In the end we do not know more than the fact that seasons will in some way affect the Underrealm environment.

Now Dungeons and Bosses might also change on the weather, in the aspect of what is within Dungeons and what Bosses are available in the World and in the Dungeons themselves. A Dungeon might have completely different monster tables in different seasons depending on its location. For world bosses, the seasons might affect where they are as they might migrate to avoid certain seasons, others might come out of hiding in specific seasons instead. And others again, might bring the seasons with them, locking the season in a Zone before it is vanquished.
(A bit more on that in the video here)

Combat might also get affected, more specifically the elemental damages might gain a boost or a debuff depending on what season it is.
This is something I hope happens as this is an interesting system. That is because I can easily see skills etc also be affected by the Dungeons themselves if a system like this is in place.
This could also mean that monsters and Bosses will receive the same bonuses from this system as players does.

They also mentioned how Node Progression might be affected.
I think that this point stands true. Season changes will as mentioned affect gathering, which in turn will affect what resources are easily available at a market.
This might slow down progression because of the lack of resources.
Topography changes will also change possible Trade Routes, which will also affect progression since it might limit, or increase, the amount of caravans coming and going from a Node.
(You can read a bit more about Node Progression in my previous Article about Caravans)

How Node progression might affect the seasons themselves I am not sure about at all.

And on a last note before we continue, they have said that there might be magical seasons, seasons that change the weather in a more forceful way.
Which means that there might be events and quests that can cause artificial season changes.

Possible weather will change according to what season it is in.
Weather in Verra will also be dynamic, meaning that snow can turn into a snowstorm or a blizzard. I hope this system get’s expanded on and that the intense weathers have demetrial effects on players.

In a Desert you might find yourself in a sandstorm which has some negative effects.
In Winter you might find yourself in a blizzard.
When it rains, you might find yourself in a thunderstorm.
Imagine if players could be hit by lightning by being really, really unlucky.
I think this would be a fun system.

We also know that Weather will affect Dungeons and monsters in other ways. Like in one of the livestreams where we saw a Dungeon Boss out in the open world because the Dungeon it inhabited had become flooded because of the rain.
Which is awesome.

Now you might have noticed that I didn’t talk about Monster Spawn and Loot Tables yet.
Well here we go!

Monster Spawn Tables and Loot Tables will be affected by these systems:
  • Seasons
  • Weather
  • Day & Night Cycle
  • Node Progression
All of these 4 points will affect the Monster Spawn Table, which again will affect the Loot Tables. Seasons will affect Monster Spawn in another way as well thought, they have hinted that there might be seasonal versions of monsters, meaning that the monsters will have slightly different Drop Tables based on which season it is.
For Weather and Day/Night Cycle, some monsters are more active, or inactive, in different weathers, or depending on what time of day it is.
And, of course, Node Progression changes the Spawn and Loot tables.

Expect to see market prices change by the seasons as some goods gets much harder to get and trade routes change, wise merchants might stock up on seasonal goods so as to slowly release them in the market for a slightly higher price if they are in demand.
Take seasons and weather into consideration when planning ahead.
They just might change more than you thought.

And lastly I personally hope there will be storms with negative player character effects in the world. Would be an interesting mechanic if used correctly.

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Amazing articles as always Ziltch! Always a pleasure to read! Very informative!


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27 December 2018
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Quite agree that one week/season is much too short. Would like to see a transition week between each season. This extra week would also be used to extend or shorten a season and preclude some weird seasonal cycle such as winter/winter/spring/winter.

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