Status update #2 - We have a discord channel and our news articles are gaining popularity!

It has now been a while since our latest status report. So time to get a briefing out to you guys!

What has happened in the last 2 months on the website and with new features
  • We now have 80 registered members! And soon hitting 600 posts. :smile:
  • We have gotten a moderator, @Shunex, which was previously a moderator for the official forum/discord. He has helped me a lot with the site, I am very happy and grateful to have him on the team! PS: We are still looking for a News Writer as staff member, check this thread for more info.
  • New raffle system. Automated, with tons of customization options. It is working great, I'm very pleased.
  • Donation section. You can now donate to us to help our site <3
  • In-house chat has been replaced with Discord embed to our Discord channel. Have a look here. More details bellow.
  • Premium Member program. For 10 USD, you gain a series of additional perks and bragging rights :smile: More info here!
  • Our second raffle is almost done, and it has been a very popular one with already over 25 entrances! Crushing our previous record.
  • The media section is flourishing! Tons of cool images and videos for Ashes of Creation has been added! You can find all official videos, streams, community videos, cosmetic packs, in-game screenshots, wallpapers and more! Don't forget to comment on the media and share your own <3

We are well on the way to become the best news portal for Ashes of Creation
Breaking (personal) records with our in-depth news articles! Our most popular posts are:
  • May 4th stream breakdown. 1660+ views in just FOUR days!
  • Steven Sharif interview with Dungeon Crawler Network. 1400+ views.
  • February 9th stream breakdown. 2100+ views!
  • PAX day 1 stream breakdown. 1000+ views.

Discord for The AoC Dungeon!
The AoC Dungeon is now on Discord! We have set up our own channel, where you can get various notifications from the website, such as new posts, news articles, raffles, new live-streams and more. And of course a text channel to hang out.

Our website is still our main area of focus. The discord is to complement our website and for our light chatting needs :smile:


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29 January 2018
AoC Class
it's great to be here thanks for having me @Tex we're going quite strong gaining new members everyday and i can't wait till we get more information out of intrepid so we can start writing guides on the game :smile:

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