Steven answering questions while playing with Krojak [text breakdown]

Steven Sharif joined Krojak for some fun squad play, while also taking the time to answer some questions!

Time to find some tasty items..

I had a blast playing, but playing squad play when solo is a challenge, due to no voice communication option. But aside from that, it's awesome!
Steven: We tried to implement the voice chat, but that there were some slight issues, which will be fixed tomorrow (October 23rd), I think.

Krojak: What are your plans regarding server status and server up-time this week?
Steven: We have a lot of things we need to fix Monday-Wednesday, and then we hope on Thursday (for the Thursday to Sunday session) to have those fixes implemented.

Steven Sharif said:
I hope that people are enjoying the world, the look of the world, the art etc. This build is a pretty good look on the aesthetics of the environment.
Krojak: What got you into making your own MMORPG?
Steven: It was out of frustration I think *laughs*. Gaming was a big part of me while growing up. I worked a lot when I was younger, so my social outlet was MMORPGs. On a business trip I’d sit on my hotel, hop into Ventrilo or Teamspeak, and play. That was my social group. So, a big portion of what I feel is important, when it comes to human connectivity to one another, can be found in online experiences and MMORPGs, as well as real life.

Finding the optimal landing spot.

So I’m usually not playtesting, but rather observing the play-testers. Alex would definitely play though, and I’d stand over his shoulders watching, and suddenly think to myself “why does this tree look like this”.

Krojak: How hands on are you with different aspects of the development?
Steven: It depends on what area we are talking about. I brought on board lots of veteran developers, so that I can trust them with the objective and direction. When they get to a point in which they want to show me their progress, I’ll give them feedback etc. But sure, there are some areas where I get closer into the development.

Krojak: How often do you change your hats? As a developer, gamer etc.
Steven: Usually I get into the office, and I walk from station to station. If I’m at the artist station, I talk about art, if I’m at the engineer station, I talk about engineering. So, for me, the discussion changes quite often.

Krojak wanted to spare this poor AFK guy, but GM Steven shows no mercy!

Krojak: What has surprised you most, about the process of developing this MMO?
Steven: I knew that players wanted something out of an MMO, that I also wanted. I didn’t know exactly how many of the general player base would agree though. That alone was a very pleasant surprise, as when we moved into the Kickstarter. Seeing all that passion, the support, for what we are doing. It drives us to perform. It is one thing to have the passion, but it’s another seeing all those hopes and dreams for a lot of people, and it’s on us to make those come alive.

Krojak: Weapon balancing moving forward?
Steven: I asked for, last week, all of the design data on all the weapons and armor. I’ll be doing a pass on those right now, as to not take time away from the designers, as they work with our engineers on bug-fixes. Before we invite all registered users into this test, I’ll make sure to have some balance changes made into the game. But we are not devoting a lot of time on that at this time in this test mode.

Dark pact is always nice to have..

Krojak: So, people are looking forward to the castle siege gameplay, though some people are concerned that this battle royal mode is taking time away from the MMORPG. This is your moment to put this all to rest, as this is just a testing mode and that it doesn’t take development time away from the MMORPG.
Steven: The battle royale is really just a storm, that is what defines this game mode, which was a relatively easy feature to develop. It took maybe a week for 5 people, to get the game-mode implemented. In regards to assets, these are all MMO assets. Weapon props, animations, all for the MMO. It’s not even a side-thing, it is just a test for the systems to be used in Alpha 1 Phase 2 and Alpha 2, hybrid combat, servers stabilized, account management etc.

After a bit of chaotic fighting, Steven chimes in:
In regards to not gaining anything for being corrupted (I think Steven saw this being talked about in the chat): You do, potentially, gain things from killing bounty hunters. So indirectly you can gain something from being corrupted. But additionally, when you kill an opponent and you become corrupted, you gain satisfaction from killing your opponent, for that risk. I suppose *laughs*.

Krojak: What are you most excited about?
Steven: The node system, and watching how players develop the servers. What I’m most proud of, is the dedication of the team, just working really long hours to provide the community with progress. The biggest aspect with our development, from other developments in the past, is that transparency with the community. That keeps us accountable to a timely delivery schedule, and I think others may get a bit carried away with scope creep and years going by without anything getting in the hands of players. That is not our philosophy, so that’s what I’m most proud of I think.

Krojak: Your design philosophy has been an open door into the entire development process, and that’s not something that has been very common, especially in the MMORPG field. Everyone wants to create these triple A titles, and then only reveal them once they’ve been quite developed.

If you are looking for the full VOD from Krojak, check it out here:

And that was it, quite fun session! Thanks to Steven for his active involvement in the community, and thanks to Krojak for a very nice stream 😊


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12 May 2018
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Thank you for the text version! :smile:


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3 February 2018
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Great write up, many thanks!


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11 September 2018
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Great post with great information I would not otherwise known, as I most likely would not have watched the VOD :winking:


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Tyty! Always awesome to have a text version and makes looking things up much quicker and easier! Much appreciated @Tex ^.^

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