Steven answers more questions on Discord - Guild taxes, dragon flying mount drops and more!

In the last few days Steven has been kind enough to answer quite a few questions from the community!

Steven said the mount from the February pack will be hovering above the ground. Glide mount.


Having made that official, do you still hold true to the "Before 2020?"
Steven: I’m waiting on a few answers.

Ruby: Who gets the taxes from guild castles, the castle or the guild?
Steven: Both.

Ruby: So the guild can freely use this for whatever they want?
Steven: Some of the funds yes.

Dygz: When the Castle changes hands some taxes stay with the Castle and some taxes stay with the guild?
Steven: Correct.

MagicMan LA of Dphantom: That mage levitation ability was so cool. Would it be possible to have a similar mobility ability for mage in the MMO?
Steven: That was a bit OP, it may not show up in the MMO, we shall see.

Galecto: Are the shop costumes modular or one piece?
Steven: One piece.

McKnightrider: How's the producers letter coming along, will we get it this week?
Steven: Not this week.

DPhantomtv: Leader-boards when?
Steven: Most likely this month, but as I stated, I am waiting on some answers before I can complete the letter.

About the February mount:
Steven: The mount is gonna be cool. Its movement will feel more like a glide/hover above the ground.

Tex: Gliding mounts are pretty cool. Glad we won't have too many actual flying mounts.
Steven: Each server will likely have a dozen or so flying battle-mounts at any given time.

Tex: The timed drops of flying mounts. How "timed" are we talking Steven?
Steven: Depends, lifetime will be a variable that can be affected by animal husbandry skills, but at most no longer than a month roughly *for the dropped flying mounts.

Reinhard: I wonder if racial skins will still be part of the game in launch?
Steven: They will yes.

Shaze: Considering Castle owners will keep theirs for a month-ish at the minimum as well (unless they lose the castle) its about the same lifespan?
Steven: It will vary, but yes.

Jahlon: Yesterday while going over all the legalese stuff, I found that Valve Steam is listed in your list of 3rd party providers that you may or may not share data with. Is this because you are using Steamworks in the APOC mode? I assume that is the answer and that you still have no intention of putting Ashes of Creation on Steam?
Steven: There was some consideration for APOC on steam, but correct that Ashes the MMORPG will not be on steam.
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Some interesting info here, thanks Tex!
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31 January 2018
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The letter will be an interesting read. Most likely we'll see a delay but that's fine. You really only get one chance so better get it right the first try.

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