Steven clears up Community Concerns in QnA

Q: The QA opens with less of a question and more of a rant/blame by the players asking why did Intrepid make a battle royale(BR) instead of Alpha 1. Fun vulgar language was thrown around. Millennials wanting attention etc
A: The BR mode was created to test background infrastructure and basic mechanics already present in the Alpha 0. BR is the most suitable game mode for this type of testing with the amount of players desired. The side time to get the game mode operational was minimal considering graphics, animations, world design are all going into the final MMO. Only weapons and abilities were made tailored for the battle royale.

Q: Why was the Alpha 0 battlegrounds not used in place of battle royale?
A: The battlegrounds/A0 were under a different architecture than the battle royale and mmo, requiring the same if not more effort to transition into. Also the BR has a larger capacity compared to the 3v3 5v5.

Q: What percentage of the game is complete?
A: No percentage Steven is comfortable sharing. But almost all key systems are in place.

Q: Is the hybrid combat system working yet? (tab targeting and fast reticle combat)
A: Yes we have several different builds.

Q: You share with us that everything is going smooth in development but we don’t see that. How do you plan to share more with us?
A: 100% plan to share more game mechanics in the future. Studio has been in heavy crunch for several months. Toast and Margaret will be the new face to the public for all game mechanics and releasing content.

Q: A lot of concept art vs mechanics shown lately. It focuses on the idea of monetization and gives the community a negative idea.
A: Steven agrees and has brought that point up to the team already. 1 concept artist designing cash shop items and putting into the pipeline doesn’t take away from development. With the hiccups in December it took away from being able to show new working mechanics as the team fell behind.

Q: How does the BR support the main game? People have negative opinion because of the BR.
A: 86,000 registered accounts playing Apocalypse(apoc) and 200 players in single match.

Q: Which part of Apocalypse does not represent the MMO?
A: The combat system not being hybrid combat. Apoc only shows the action side not the tab targeting.

Q: How does normal game funding work?
A: Venture capitalists fund projects as banks don’t like the risk.

Q: Can we see development progress in game and not just concept art?
A: The content going forward is from the roadmap. These will be interview like pre-recorded videos showcasing back end game development.

Q: Why was such a simple bear animation so difficult for Intrepid to release?
A: It really wasn’t difficult or big. I should have just leaked it myself.

Q: Can we see more things like the bear animation but mechanic focus?
A: Absolutely this is part of the roadmap.

Q: Can we get a better way for Intrepid to share content?
A: That is what Toast and Margaret are here for.

Q: Why do I care about armor cosmetics in the BR I can just get in the MMO later?
A: The MMO version might have a different variety or be much more difficult to acquire.

Q: Do you still plan to keep the BR around after MMO release?
A: Depends on what the BR provides. Currently it’s giving Intrepid data.

Q: What % of the map will we see during Alpha and betas?
A: About 25% of the map during Alpha 1 and shooting for 50% for Alpha 2. 100% for beta. Depends on milestones achieved.

Q: Can we get more info on the classes?
A: It’s not a matter of finalizing the classes. We'll share more going forward.

Q: Will you consider dropping hybrid combat if it doesnt work?
A: We do is a ‘shotgun approach’ and work through various prototypes.

Q: That does not answer my question. IF those hybrid combat systems dont work, at what point do you drop it entirely?
A: Our contingency - If our hybrid system fails, is to switch to Tab-Target. However I do not believe it will fail.

Q: What made you decide tab-target over action IF it came down to hybrid combat failing?
A: Tab target because the core MMORPG is innovative enough to keep the players interested.

Q: With all the cosmetics we’re seeing, we’re concerned the end-game armor will be dull.
A: Things offered in the marketplace needs to be an alternative, not a higher rarity/quality.

Q: What about average community members being outspoken by PI?
A: Alpha 0 invites ensured a healthy mix of MMO player demographic, ranging from players with lots of time to very little time.We did this for good sampling

Q: Yes, but regarding similar feedback as A0 from A1, will you give out more keys?
A: Dont want to give out too many keys as it will devalue the Alpha 1 package. Also we want to keep the tester numbers under 10,000.

Q: Why are you not lifting the visual NDA on alpha 0?
A: We dont want the old visuals to become the face of the project.

Q: What was the nail in the coffin for the Xsolla change?
A: It was a valid concern by the community and we looked into it and decided to make the change. We'll have Paypal/Stripe soon.

Q: Studio represented events for the community?
A: We want to do more virtual events and events at trade events etc.

Q: Can we know about the name of the moon of Verra? Can we have a moon naming contest?
A: Who told you there’s only one moon? We have named the moon, it is lore related. I like that Idea, though.

Q: Since we all don't think you’ll be able to hit the previous timeframe/goal. What about feature creep like Naval Content?
A: We’re hiring more people as we mentioned in the letter. Most of those systems share or correlated in design, creating how those systems work fundamentally is shared. But if there is a specific system holding up the release of the game, it will be included as an update/expansion.

Q: Regarding Feature creep and the extensive features.
A: We won't cut content. If a particular system is holding up the game and as long as it isn't a core structural system, we’ll release the game without it.

Q: How extensive do you expect your lore to be?
A: YYou will see lore in other areas of the game and through other methods.

Q: What’s your favourite AoC race?
A: I cannot say that. But I played humans in the past.



6 March 2019
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That was Hard to listen, thank for sharing it. From poliste to rude people it was really Hard to u derstand at that moment.

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